Re: Obligatory Christmas Thread

I've been having on-off Christmases the past few years. Last year was with family, previous year alone, the year before that with family, etc.

Usually when I'm just on my own I order a deluxe pizza, watch/play games, watch TV and stuff my face with cakes and sweets.
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Re: Obligatory Christmas Thread

Create a plan for the short, medium and long term to improve your chances. :) Writing things down (apparently) can help organize your thoughts and life-long goals.
Of thieving I most certainly will!

I use lists a lot to the point I need to stop using lists. Maybe a diagram, chart, graph, drawing, etc would do wonders..

Re: Obligatory Christmas Thread

Yeah I've also suffered from the lists of lists syndrome. It takes a while to manage, and if you're a chronic procrastinator like myself you often end up with a list of things you never bothered with.

But there has to be a happy balance in there somewhere.
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