The uglyification of user interfaces

My browser just got updated to FireFox Quantum (Hah, sure thing Mozilla) and let me say for the record that the tabs are UGLY AS f###. Firstly the default was black backgrounds which completely contrasts with the rest of the interface, thankfully easy changed back to light with the tools -> add-on -> themes -> enable light option. Phew! But the tabs themselves are square and ugly with a highlighted color at the top of the current tab - making the entire row look uneven due to lack of uniformity. And the tabs are (naturally) flat, uninspired and completely square. Why are UI designers abandoning rounded edges and pleasing-on-the-eye themes? Has no one seen Star Trek TNG? The LCARS interface is NOT SQUARE! The interface is rounded and one of the most beautiful ever designed (albeit not entirely practical layout, but that's a different matter..).

I blame you Microsoft. You and your square buttons. I still say Windows 7 is the best O/S Microsoft ever put out. I think you'll find that is an absolute fact, and in todays world of 2017, we aren't interested in experts - I think it, therefore it is. A FACT! Booooo :2gunfire:

Edit: This release on github enables curves, albeit a little hard on the eye still:
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Re: The uglyification of user interfaces

I've gotten used to it now - but it's still pretty ugly to look at. My guess would be that it's designed to blend in with Windows 10's flat panels, whereas I'm still using Win7 Aero with rounded edges. So the browser window is rounded with transparency, whereas the browser now has square flat tabs.. :buzzsaw:
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Re: The uglyification of user interfaces

Ok, so I built a time machine and consulted my 15 year old self - apparently it has nothing to do with my age, it's just my mind is more attuned to function over form. I AM more of a programmer than I am an artist, which is why I prefer the older Windows UI.. or any kind of UI that once had function and now just looks like it's designed for a child.
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