15 years of EVE Online

Well, this trailer certainly brought back memories. SO many familiar names and corps whizz by including Tundragon :).
It makes me feel old, I followed this game before it even came out. It's been many years since I stopped playing, but I do treasure those memories!
I wonder, is there ANYONE left lurking here? Hippo, Hammer?

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Re: 15 years of EVE Online

I let my EVE sub lapse for what's probably the final time last year. I just don't have the time for it. I don't really have the time to sit down and spend hours leading up to a few minutes of excitement anymore. I still enjoy reading about the wild adventures of EVE, but playing it is not for me anymore.

Re: 15 years of EVE Online

Oh, hey Matthew. Very LTNS. Couldn't agree more, though for slightly different reasons. I started winding down in 2013 until eventually selling everything and closing shop in 2015. I don't mind spending time preparing for excitement, I've just lost interest in EVE after playing it for 10 years straight. I don't miss EVE at all, but I do miss the comradery it offered. There just isn't another game like it out there. Most of my old corp mates are waiting for Star Citizen, but I expect it'll end up being s###.
All your data belongs to me. I am the all seeing webmaster.
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