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We don't have all that much old stuff that's been entirely deprecated - a lot of it has been HTLed and will be released as part of Act 1 (the old versions of these assets won't be getting released, needless to say). What doesn't get released... well, sure I don't see why not, it's just not a priority at the moment because:
A) What little remains is scattered across multiple backups and old directories, so it'd be a fair amount of effort to put it all together and make sure it's at least more-or-less in a working state and
B) There's very little that would stand up to modern quality expectations - a lot of our stuff was designed either before or early on in the HTL (high poly) era - it's either retail quality or lacks the kind of detail level/shine and normal mapping of modern stuff, meaning the chances of it getting used in any current projects are small to none.

In other words, it's a relatively high-effort/low-reward endeavour that isn't really a justifiable priority right now. If it happens, it'll be after Act 1 comes out.
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Re: September 22nd

That's it. Literally the only things standing in the way of the beta will be one asset, one SCP build and a few hours (tops) of FREDding. Moreover, since this delay has been so long, I've had time to replay and replay missions, and do a lot of my own bugfixing, which means that the beta testing should be a minimally disruptive process (at least, in terms of bugs reported - we're still going to have this thing tested intensively). And then, the only thing standing between Beta and release is one texture job, which is almost finished anyway.
So, uh... is this still true? :p
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