Cerberus: Emergence

So, this is the modification that is being pieced together as mentioned in my original thread.

http://img98.imageshack.us/my.php?image ... r49ux7.jpg

Called Cerberus: Emergence, it takes place 13 years after the Second Great War. Alpha 1 is part of an expeditionary battlegroup being sent to investigate the loss of communication with a recently discovered and colonised system not on official maps. Basically, this is what can be expected:

-More fighting with the Shivans and a new foe
-Character involvement
-New Weapons
-New Ships
-A new soundtrack, featuring the OST of "Alpha Prime"
-New personas for the GTVA and other characters

Plus, a whole heap of other goodies that are too numerous to mention.

At this point of time, the majority of content is in. Because of all the changes since the last media, I've had to start rebuilding missions which will also mean some command brief art when I get to it.

I'm not setting a time date that this will be finished and I'm not sure how I will go about some sort of public release before the finished version but I will do my best to keep posting about the progress being made.

If you have questions, queries, comments or anything rather, let me know.

It has only been 2 days since the thread started, and I was planning a few extra days before the first update, but here it is.

New Content
-Mission 00/01
-GTF Ezechiel
-New Loading Screen
-SF Scorpion
-Local friend, "General", joins in production
-Inferno Release 1 Style Weapon Art
-Several new weapons

-Persona Art
-Preload/Choose Pilot Art
-Main Menu Art
-Capital Ship Weapon Tweaks

Screenshots will be uploaded within the next 24 hours

Edit: Sorry, delay in screenshots. Will need a little longer.

Not sure if the nebula in front of the planet works. It looks more like a wall or sheet of stuff in front of the camera instead of a nebula cloud. No depth.

Second update of the mod since a week ago:

-A lot of tweaks to new craft are being made
-All new weapons are fully tweaked and usable
-Mission 00/01 are complete
-The new music have had volume levels slightly lowered to suitable ones
-Silent voice files are complete

Screenshots won't be posted in this update. Expect some in update three.

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