Shadow Genesis Tech Entry #03: The Wolf's Fleet

From the official GTVA military database

Wolf’s Fleet genesis
Shortly after the process of Wolf’s Group’s exploration had begun, the GTVA authorities faced the problem of insufficient military presence in Delta Majoris, Herschel, KY Cygni and Spica. Intensive growth of these systems got attention of numerous pirate groups, smugglers and criminals. Their activity was concentrated mainly in KY Cygni and Spica. Regular attacks on newly established colonies forced governors to pay tributes to the assaulters. Elements of the 7th Fleet of Ross 128 that stationed in the Wolf’s Group at that time, were not enough to maintain security of all four systems. That situation quickly started to endanger Wolf’s Group’s reputation of life-friendly and business-friendly place.

In the beginning the GTVA’s reaction was slow and not immediate. New units started to protect the biggest cities, but smaller colonies and installations remained vulnerable to pirate attacks. It took too much time for the GTVA warships to get to the colonies that were under attack, and until they finally reached them, the pirates had already gone.

Growing instability of the Wolf’s Group made the GTVA Security Council engage in the matter so as to find an appropriate solution. In 2384 they decided to create new fleet that would station permanently in the Wolf’s Group. This task was given to a veteran of the second Shivan incursion, admiral John Peters, commanding officer of the GTSD Merdarion, Anchorage-class superdestroyer, who had been coordinating the process of rebuilding the 3rd Fleet in Epsilon Pegasi. With a group of loyal and experienced officers, mainly from the 3rd Fleet, Peters built a new, autonomic command structure and gathered ships to built a completely new fleet - GTSD Merdarion and a group of warships were separated from the rest of the 3rd Fleet and placed in the Wolf’s Group. They were then strengthened by ships from the other fleets, and in Delta Majoris and Herschel a huge construction program began. The next capital ships that joined the fleet were GTD Meleager and GTD Neya. The new fleet, numbered and officially entitled as the 6th Terran Fleet, is commonly known as the ‘The Wolf’s Fleet’, after the name of the Wolf’s System Group.

The new military force in the Wolf’s Group lead a blitzkrieg and in a time of a few weeks, destroyed or forced to surrender about 140 pirate and smugglers bases in all four systems. Delta Majoris and Herschel were cleared without problems. The hardest battles were fought in KY Cygni, main pirate base in the Wolf’s Group. Since then, pirate activity has almost completely disappeared, and the most stubborn and desperate ones withdrew to Spica, the least colonised system of the group.

Goals and tasks
The main goal of the Wolf’s Fleet is to provide and maintain peace and security in the Wolf’s System Group. We secure all important cities, colonies and installations, control trade routes such as Delta Majoris-Ross 128, coordinate colonisation actions in weakly populated sectors of the Wolf’s Group. One of the most important goals is protection of the Ancient ruins that have been isolated from the public as well as fight with smuggling.

Structure of the Wolf’s Fleet
The Chief Command of the Wolf’s Fleet is located in Herschel, and the commander of the fleet is Supreme Admiral John Peters. The Chief Command is independent from the GTVA Command in Beta Aquile and its decisions are made mostly autonomically. The Wolf’s Fleet is subject only to the GTVA Security Council. The Fleet consists of 6 battlegroups, one and the biggest stationing in Herschel, two stationing in Delta Majoris, two stationing in KY Cygni and one stationing in Spica. All groups with capital ships and their commanding officers, are listed below:

3rd Battlegroup (Herschel)
GTSD Merdarion – Anchorage-class superdestroyer; flagship of the 3rd Battlegroup and the Wolf’s Fleet; CO: Supreme Admiral John Peters
GTD Impaler – Nephelai-class destroyer; CO: Admiral Claus Vigée-Lebrun
GTCa Rhiannon - Magnus-class supercarrier; CO: Admiral Akashi Yoshida

9th Battlegroup (Delta Majoris)
GTD Meleager – Hecate-class destroyer; flagship of the 9th Battlegroup; CO: Admiral Edward Brimstone
GTD Nexus – Preliator-class destroyer; under construction in Delta Majoris; CO: Admiral David Drayman
GTCa Severian – Magnus-class supercarrier; CO: Admiral Alessia Sparkcat

10th Battlegroup (Delta Majoris)
GTD Arcturius – Hecate-class destroyer; CO: Admiral Armand Blanchard

11th Battlegroup (Spica)
GTD Neya – modified Orion-class destroyer; CO: Admiral Lena Hartwig

13th Battlegroup (KY Cygni)
GTD Nirvana – Nephelai-class destroyer; CO: Admiral Enesis Delacroix

24th Battlegroup (KY Cygni); formation of the group in progress
CO: Captain Arthur O’Hara

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