Shadow Genesis WIP Screenshots Thread

We're going to show here unifinished stuff and things you may or may not see in Shadow Genesis :).At this moment I have 3 things to show.

GTFg Atlas artillery frigate - 1,2km long, armed with 6 or 8 Tactical Plasma Cannons. Support frigate for bigger ships. It's replacement for GTCv Reyena. Modeled by Moonred, mapped by Kobrar.
Second is new main cannon for GTSD Anchorage also known as HEGreen [Huge Energy Green]. It's a fusion beam. New sections are made by Jessnec.
You can see older version of this beam here.

At least - Tactical Plasma Cannon. It's in modpack but it isn't final. You can take look on it from small distance.
They are WIP screenshots, so suggestions are welcome :D.

Re: Shadow Genesis WIP Screenshots Thread

I'm not sure how to remedy that.
Quite simple really, don't tile map.
Damn... Could you tell me why people hate tilemapping o__O?
It can be very glaringly repetitive, like a checker pattern. A second problem can be that if the repetitions varies across different textures, the difference in effective resolution is very obvious.

That said, I don't think it should be ruled out completely - just restricted to a section.

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