Shadow Genesis Tech Entry #01: The New Age

From the official GTVA military database

Post-Capellan Unrest
After the destruction of Capella star, the war was over and the Shivan danger seemed to have expired. The most important aim for the GTVA was to rebuild the third fleet, most of which had been lost in Capella, and provide security and new home for millions of refugees from the destroyed system.

The first three years are time of political and social unrest. Terran and Vasudan governments were facing the problem of their weakening power and respect among the public as well as remaining fear of the Shivans that spread across the GTVA and was upheld by various demagogs and populists. The crisis has been partly solved by government armament programs that moved the economy from stagnation. But the ultimate solution came with the discoveries in 2370.

S2 jump nodes and a discovery of the Wolf’s Systems Group
In 2370 scientific teams of the GTVA Institute of Alien Technology Research discovered a way to travel through a new type of subspace nodes – less stable and more difficult to detect, called S2 nodes. They had previously been beyond range of our subspace drives and that had been blocking many paths of expansion.

Through S2 jump nodes we managed to discover new systems to colonise: Hellion, Copolture ARB-2 and Aerdim behind Altair and Regulus; Alcor and Zeta Candri behind Procyon A; Talania and Alpha Eridani behind Dubhe. But the greatest discovery was made in 2371 by using a subspace node in Ross 128 that let Lucyfer into our systems in 2335. Our drones sent for a recon discovered four systems: Delta Majoris, Herschel, KY Cygni and Spica, packed out with valuable resources as well as ruins of the Ancient cities and derelicts of their spacecrafts.

Exploration of the Wolf’s Group
The first colony – Ensoph – was established on the 24th November 2371 on a planet Maxuvez IV in Delta Majoris. It was the first capital of the Wolf’s Group and a starting point of most expeditions in the Wolf’s Group. Thanks to the reputation of place of great opportunities and chances, Delta Majoris pulled millions of refugees from Capella and people that couldn’t make their livings in their home systems. Business-friendly economical policy got attention of the biggest Terran and Vasudan corporations and encouraged them to invest in the Wolf’s Group. Delta Majoris, with population of 97 million, is now the richest and the most densely populated system of the Wolf’s Group, and almost half of its inhabitants live in Ensoph agglomeration.

In 2376 explorers and investors’ attention was got by Herschel that was probably one of the most important systems in an old Ancient empire. The Wolf’s Group’s authorities decided to establish a new capital city on planet Aeon XII in order to oversee archaeological work on the planet surface. While Delta Majoris gained and maintained leadership in trade and industry, investors interested in Herschel were focused on search of Ancient technology in and under ruined cities on Aeon. Curiosity killed the cat, and the next two years were time of uncontrolled plundering of Ancient ruins. That opportunity made Herschel attractive for many adventurous people, eager for quick, but ridiculous way of making money. Today Herschel, with population of 51 million, is the second richest system in the Wolf’s Group, but illegal plundering of Ancient ruins is still a big problem, despite creating of the Wolf’s Fleet and its intensive operations of securing the main cities.

The third system – KY Cygni – has been intensively colonised since 2383 and pulled immigrants and companies with mild agriculture-friendly climate of one of its planets – Spectronica II – and presence of a gas giant – Imorkan IV – that consists mainly of hydrogen, helium and methan. In the first years after Wolf’s Group discovery KY Cygni became an attractive place for various pirates and outlaws that couldn’t find their place in the GTVA. Illegal groups set up small portable refineries in the atmosphere of Imorkan IV and produced fuel for spacecrafts. With modified plants grown on space stations and fuel from Imorkan, pirate groups were almost self-sufficient what in turn let them attack colonies and blackmail local authorities who couldn’t protect civilians with insufficient presence of the GTVA navy. After creating of the Wolf’s Fleet, most pirate groups were destroyed, and the remnants withdrew to the weakly colonised system of Spica. Then KY Cygni’s population began to grow rapidly, and now equals to 964 thousand.

Spica, the most lately discovered and colonised system of the Wolf’s Fleet, is now populated with only 127 thousand of people. Due to presence of many pirate groups and small number of GTVA vessels, all plans of system’s colonisation were being stopped in the trenches of Betaaquilian bureaucracy. In spite of unstable political situation in Spica, the system has good conditions for a massive colonisation: 16 planets in total, including life-friendly Tau Enigma and Gameden Prime, and many small orbs. The Wolf’s Group authorities are planning to accelerate Spica colonisation.

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