SHADOW GENESIS - Official Annoucement

Beyond the Hell...

23 years after the Capellan massacre the Humankind and Vasudankind are stronger than at any time before. With the belief in our invincibility and powerful warships on our orders, we rebuilt what we had lost fighting against the Shivans. It is said that we are ready to confront the Destroyers again. But if it is not true, we are going to pay a terrible price...
- Arthur Gordon, the Secretary-General of the GTVA Security Council

They regard me as a traitor. They call me a terrorist, a madman. They want me dead and they will not stop until they hunt me down... But they do not know my real power. I have the key to the Ancients’ legacy. I can save the humankind from the Shivans and show it the new path to glory. And I will do it. At any cost.
- Kaimler Ovadiah, leader and cofounder of Cerberus Legacy, wanted in all Terran-Vasudan systems for treason, terrorism, blackmailing and genetic experiments.

The Cerberus Legacy slowly but constantly destroys the GTVA just like a cancer. They attack from the shadow, strike in our weakest points and withdrawn before we can react. Blackmailing, terrorism, kidnapping are their methods. They are responsible for numerous outrages across the GTVA. Unless we hunt them down, the Alliance won’t be safe.
- Supreme Admiral John Peters, commander of the 6th Terran Fleet, Herschel system


Shadow Genesis is the largest in-progress mod on Polish Freespace 2 scene and is going to be very different from current campaigns available for players. Since almost two years we have been working on this project. Using the most advanced FS2 Open technologies and inventing an unique storyline, we’d like to create a long (about 45 missions) campaign of the best quality.

The Shadow Genesis team is much smaller than for example Blue Planet team. 90% of work is being made by two brothers and experienced FS2 modders from Poland: Teeraal (also known as Qbitus and Betrayal) and Macielos (previously known as Petarch).

What to expect in Shadow Genesis:
- Epic and unique storyline. As lieutenant (then commander) Nathan Miles you will join the 6th Terran Fleet, commonly known as The Wolf’s Fleet, autonomic GTVA fleet stationing in the Wolf’s Systems Group. The years have passed since the second Shivan incursion and the Alliance has rebuilt its power, but despite that, the times are not easy. As a pilot of the Wolf’s Fleet, you’re going to face dangerous and well-armed terrorists from Cerberus Legacy. This powerful secret organisation spreads its influence in all GTVA and is preparing an intrigue that may result in a huge-scale war.
- Great battles and tactical combat. Forget about stupid enemies deploying tens of bombers and fighters wing after wing against the destroyer. Cerberus Legacy does not send large forces to battle, but maximises their advantages and uses unconventional tactics. Be prepared for quick hit & run attacks against GTVA warships’ beam cannons as well as sniper strikes swarming you with Trebuchets. Most ships will leave the battlefield when seriously damaged. They will also attack in larger groups, not just wing after wing, ship after ship, like in most campaigns. On the other hand, in many missions the player has 3-6 wings (including fighters, bombers and sometimes special units like snipers) under command, so wise command is crucial when facing outnumbered enemies.
- Campaign of the highest possible quality. We’re going to elaborate all missions in every detail. Explore all systems of the Wolf’s Group, each with unique backgrounds. Fight in space, on the planet orbits, even in the atmosphere. In SG you will find many Open-based facilities and solutions: cutscenes, checkpoint system known from War in Heaven, hotkeys, extended directives and escort ships windows and many more. Shadow Genesis has a large modpack that includes new generation of GTVA warships. We use many refreshed and retextured models that you have probably seen in other mods as well as a few new models designed and created especially for SG. You will also experience the new GTVA arsenal in combat: long-range artillery cannons, subspace perturbers, disruptor beams and, of course, many new primary and secondary weapons for fighters. Last but not least, our mod has almost entirely new soundtrack from great games and films.

When will the project be released?
For now we've got 3 missions and 3 cutscenes to finish and then we need a few weeks for tests. And we’re still waiting for a few models. Version 1.0 is being created in Polish – firstly, because we want to support the Polish Freespace Scene. Secondly, because we want to catch and remove any bugs that will occur. The final version will be then translated into English and released on HLP and Sectorgame about July 2011 and it will be compatible with the newest SCP builds including Antipodes.

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