Re: Official Shadow Genesis Eyecandy

I think you need to fix the nameplate in this one - - unless it's meant to look neon.
It has glowmap as every SOC capsship in SG. Idea culled from ShadowGorrath's ASD Ragnarok.
Also, is that my old Shivan jump node?
Yes, it's your Shivan Gate. Very important model for my mod.
I also see a couple of Pyrgos installations. Are they the same 50km models or did you resize those?
Size of that model is untouched. I've only applied new textures.

Re: Official Shadow Genesis Eyecandy

The fact you have your lighting settings down that low does not make you cool or edgy or awesome, okay?

In fact it's making you look like a goddamn moron considering the levels of light on background objects. It's like a barrage of bad photoshops.
Eh... What the hell? I didn't understood, sorry I'm not native english speaker.

You thinking that the light on planets shed wrong or something?

Re: Official Shadow Genesis Eyecandy

No, I think that the lighting settings in your launcher and the lighting on the planets conflicts, and it looks silly. There should be more ambient light about based on the backgrounds (or the backgrounds shouldn't be as well-lit). Also the Orion in total darkness in front of a star, which looks really damn silly.

I've always thought that low settings for lighting in the launcher are a wasteful gimmick, since it hides modeling and texturing work, and that it is vaguely suspicious as well, like people don't actually want what's going on to be seen. If you are making eyecandy, why is everything hiding in the dark?
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Re: Official Shadow Genesis Eyecandy

I think they are good proportions. Honestly I prefer darker settings where most of the light is coming from weapons... And one of the main ideas of Shadow Genesis is darker and less-colorfull graphics to make cool ambience :D. However, graphics in SG aren't as dark as they were on start, because my brother and co-autor of the mod wanted something different.

Hunter: White nebulas are exclusive for Shadow Genesis. Watsisname made them by a request. They will be available after release.

Re: Official Shadow Genesis Eyecandy

New-old screenshots for those who weren't saw them on HLP :).
(gallery removed)
BTW. Aldo, I'd like to give you my personal thanksgiving for your work :D. Your dead project Lost Souls gave me a lot of inspirations before it die, and I'm using a lot of your models. Without you, Shadow Genesis cannot exist. Too bad that the Lost Souls died and I can't use rest of HTL Nightmares models and your brilliant GTD Damocles... Anyway - thank you!

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