Descent 3: Omens (Full Playthrough)

Omens is a large single-player level & modification for Descent 3 that features Overload-style robots and weapons. The level itself is a hybrid project that combines some ideas from a previously abandoned project and a set of custom robots & weapons inspired by Overload. "PTMC Vesta Covert Facility" is the only level in the Omens mission, although there may still be room for a followup at some point. The story is fairly basic: Essentially a PTMC facility has been overrun by a hostile force, and your job is to clear them out and retrieve some research that was being done on the virus. Omens chronologically is set somewhere between Overload and the first Descent game, hence the use of the Pyro-GX instead of the GL.

Omens fully supports multiplayer co-op, and given that Descent 3 crashes when trying to save/load games with lots of mods, it's probably a better way to enjoy the level. Even though I made this level and know roughly where everything is, I still died a handful of times - being rusty didn't help. This level is one of the biggest custom levels ever made for D3, breaking every limit in the editor. The only reason it's not physically the largest is because it doesn't have any terrain. In retrospect I probably made this level too long, as it can easily take up to 3 hours for a new player to complete - also the Ogres are considerably more evil than their Overload counterparts in close quarters, making them almost as bad as Class 1 Drillers.

Custom music for this level was graciously provided by Jerry Belongieri.

A big thanks goes out to Revival Productions and Mike Kulas for approving the project, allowing me to create Overload-style weapons and robots.


* Level Design, Editing, Modeling & Scripting by Hunter
* Music by Jerry Belongieri
* Sound design by Dan Wentz & Hunter
* Additional music by Tim Jones
* Pyro-GX model by Bubbalou


* Abigail Wahl
* Adam Gola
* Alex Freimuller
* Anthony Morales
* Delphi Lim

Special Thanks:

* Matt Toschlog
* Matthew McConaughey
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