Hyperspace: Silent Fury (Longplay)

This replaces the 'Lets Play' video series I did last year. I made a few minor fixes and tweaks to the campaign, and wanted to make sure nothing was broken, so decided to record my play-through and kill two birds with one stone. It's definitely a higher quality recording than before, and without my fumbling in the background.

Hyperspace: Silent Fury is a Freespace-style space mod for Descent 3 released in 2017. Initially based on a project idea from 10 years earlier that was eventually dropped, Silent Fury is part of a total-conversion for Descent 3 that turns the game into something completely different. It began with a series of multiplayer maps designed for CTF and Assault in 2003, then expanded with the open-world team based map 'Basewars' in 2006. Silent Fury was intended to be a simple singleplayer experience utilizing the assets and ideas from the previous levels, with some story thrown into the mix. The end result is a fully voice acted 5-mission campaign complete with custom weapons, ships, scripts and effects. The Hyperspace levels are largely inspired by Babylon 5, EVE and FreeSpace.

This uses the original Descent 3 engine, an engine that was largely completed in 1998 - and developed around the same time as the first FreeSpace game. So while it may not look all that impressive by today's standards, considering the age of the game it's not half bad. If you'd like to give the campaign a go, download it from this URL: https://sectorgame.com/d3/downloads/?na ... y&file=876 - Be sure to pay attention to the README for setup information.

You can also get the free-roaming open-world level 'Basewars Redux' from the same site, which is a slightly updated and tweaked version of the original map, now designed for singleplayer and multiplayer co-op. Both 'Basewars' and 'Silent Fury' have been carefully balanced and are closely related to each other from an asset standpoint.


- Haley C. McCarthy
- Dan Payne
- Brian H
- Kyle Donelan
- Josh Martin
- Michael 'Scyphi' LaFollete
- Blade O'Neill
- Kim Gasiciel
- AJ Schmitmeyer
- Sara Mears
- Dilmah G
- Mike Joseph
- Raptur
- Cameron 'Vertigo Abyss' Wallace
- Roger Jackson
- Adam "Xfing" Gola
- Justin "Yoshimitsu" Pisila
- Ronan Ellison
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