Unreal: Return to Na Napali - Longplay


This is a full, blind play-through of Return to Na Pali on Linux Wine. Return to Na Pali is the official expansion to Unreal released in 1999 and is a direct continuation of the 'story' from the original game. For some reason the audio logs do not work properly on my game - some of them play, but a lot of them didn't. I tried to find a work around for this but haven't had any luck. I suppose it could be an issue with Wine?

Overall, I would say Return to Na Pal is basically 'more of the same' and doesn't really offer anything new. The environments are mostly just recycled game assets and textures from the main game. The one thing I will say however is the level design seems somewhat improved. I didn't find myself getting lost constantly like with the main game, so I can surmise that the flow of the levels is better. You are introduced to a couple of new enemies and new weapons in this expansion. To be honest I didn't see much that was unique about the new weapons, they basically are just variations of the original ones. The only REALLY useful weapon is the combat rifle, which deals out massive amounts of DPS - as you get to find out first hand when battling the human troopers half way through. What's the deal with those anyway? It almost feels like the bullets are homing in. Also, if their weapons are SO powerful, why did they need me at all for this mission?

The new enemies are largely nothing to write home about. Those new creatures are REALLY annoying. They basically made a faster and more maneuverable version of the spiders with more hitpoints - and made them look like Jurassic Park dropouts. And they're really hard to hit at close range because they basically just hug your feet constantly. You also encounter a bunch of opponents from the main game, including a s### ton of Skaarj. I found the encounters a little easier this time around, and the enemy placement wasn't quite as surprising. I guess I picked up a thing or two from the original play-through, but I'm not exactly Rambo here.

The puzzles were mostly non-existent, and those that did exist were much easier to solve than just about anything from the main game. There was that one super health pack I didn't figure out how to get, perhaps I needed jump boots? Since I was pressed for time in the recording, I decided to pass up on that.

Well that pretty much concludes my experience with Unreal! I have to say this is a pretty enjoyable game and I can see why it went down in the hall of fame as one of the best shooters. So, where to from here?
The Expanse. Watch it!

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