Unreal - Longplay

A mostly blind playthrough of Unreal using Linux Wine with the Direct3D renderer. I may have seen a demo at one point, but I've never played this game until now. I've only ever played some UT multiplayer. This took about 12 hours to encode and it came out a bit darker than the game, also for some reason the game brightness setting made no difference to the recorded video. So it's probably best watched in a relatively dark room as the game is pretty dark to be honest.

What I loved: The game looks fantastic for such an old game. I always knew the Unreal engine was impressive for its time, but this truly puts many games to shame with technical abilities that even early 2000's games couldn't get right. Sure, this is the GOLD version which has a few minor enhancements, most notably resolutions, but the engine itself hasn't changed all that much. There is some great attention to detail in the design of the world. And the sound design is pretty rad, too. The combat is SO fluid in this game, even without any experience whatsoever I was able to pick it up after a couple of hours.

The secrets are pretty neat too, and most of them are relatively easy to figure out. I am sure I missed a bunch, but I grabbed a fair few of them without wasting too much time exploring. I thoroughly enjoyed the Indiana Jones sections.

The bad? The level design, it's really monotone, and some of the environments while very creative, are extremely repetitive with literal copy and paste tunnels and rooms only with slightly altered contents. This made figuring out objectives very tiresome, as the game has no dialogue other than various text entries you are somehow expected to keep track of, and there aren't many visual cues. So a lot of reloaded footage was actually dropped here, as I spent a lot of time wandering around figuring out what to do.

My other pet peeve is the infinite spawn mechanic in some parts. I only found about this after reading a guide to the game, because I would never have guessed otherwise that the enemies are infinitely spawning in those sections - and to make matters even more confusing, SOME parts of the game have sections that SEEM like they are infinite spawns, but are in fact limited. This is not great gameplay, but at least it wasn't used too much. Oh and those spiders are f#####g annoying, really a single bullet should kill them but for some reason they tank a high DPS round to the face.

I may do the expansion at some point, it depends how long it is? I really enjoyed this game, but boy it was a long one and I'm hoping to get back to some slightly shorter games next.
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