Star Trek Elite Force - Longplay

For my second game on LINUX LONGPLAYS I have recorded Star Trek Elite Force for PC.

This was a lot more work to get running, despite there being no reported major problems on WineHQ. Unfortunately it didn't 'just' work out of the box as indicated, and I went through several different WINE and PlayOnLinux setups for this to no avail. Eventually I went for a Virtualbox solution, where it worked pretty well! There is a HD graphic mod available for this game, but I opted not to use this as getting the game running at all was more than enough work. Besides, I want to experience the game as vanilla as possible and I doubt it would have worked as well through Virtualbox.

The combat felt a bit slow, but that may have been a residual effect from having been playing Quake.

The game is bugged in a few places, characters getting stuck caused me to reload several times (not seen in the final edit) and the game crashes early on in the game.
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