Fallout 4 Thread (Spoilers)

Well, it took me about 2 years, but I finally played the game - I've spent about 50 hours in the game during the past 4-5 weeks.
I've tried both the Institute ending AND the Railroad ending.. and I'm not happy with either to be honest!
I want to stop the Institute, yes, but not destroy the whole thing. What ever happened to, I don't know, taking over things?
And why does FATHER (Pfft) get the last word on his deathbed in every scenario? It's like, your character is clearly doing the right thing - but the dialogue never gives you the option to point this out.
Instead, Father just gloats and spouts off his narrative about the Institute being the 'true savior' of the Commonwealth before going silent. This coming from the man who:

A. Knowingly let Kellog on the loose to clean up whatever mess was required.
B. Failed to recognize the emerging sentience of the synths. I guess he never watched Data's Trial.
C. Created synth children for whatever purpose, including a clone of himself as a child. What?
D. Experimented on the people and beings of the Commonwealth (evidence in the old BIoscience labs)
E. And no end of other evil doings...

Yeah, I've heard that true savior before. Have a railway spike you sadistic f###.

The fact that the designers basically eliminate the possibility of a peaceful solution (or at the very least, a less brutal solution) is depressing though.
On my first playthrough I went with the railroad. I ended up making enemies of the Brotherhood at the last minute. I boarded their party bus and laid waste to their entire garrison, laughing maniacally at their terrible haircuts and rhetoric as their heads flew off their shoulders. And then I lobbed a mini-nuke on the command deck with damage boost enabled, making a swift end of their attempt to surprise me with Elder MaxZero.
Hah, the Brotherhood was no match for the Lone Wander. No wait, wrong game..

And then we done gone exploded their party bus with all hands on board, kids n all, because you know, boom I suppose?
Would've been nicer if the Minuteman or the Railroad captured the damn thing. And then we did the same to the Institute.
Was it necessary to vaporize all that living space, all those people? No - That's just more boom, I suppose.

So then I rolled back a few saves and tried the Institute ending. This time, taking out the Railroad. Because you know, they are pretty useless to be honest and have absolutely no vision other than 'freeing the synths' despite the fact that some of those synths were themselves dodgy characters. Then it's followed by an assault on the Brotherhood, this time with the Liberty Prime quest - yet another example of the designers going nuke happy. Let's lob nukes all over the already irradiated commonwealth, THAT'LL TEACH EM!

After that, the Institute quest line just fizzles out and you get sent off to deal with ghouls in a Walmart (and other equally boring LP farms).

I did complete the entirety of the Minutemen questline before doing any of the Institute or Railroad work, so it seems I made a boo-boo there...
Apparently it's possible to reach a peace between all factions except for the Institute, which must go much-boom-boom.

And damn, I keep forgetting to get Virgils cure in every playthrough :(
The Expanse. Watch it!

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