Was Derek Smart right about Star Citizen?

I realize this guy isn't exactly popular in the FreeSpace community, but I've spent several weeks reading his posts about Star Citizen.
It's hard to deny that some of his points are not without merit. And there is that huge, undeniable fact that RSI is milking that money pot.
When I quit actively playing EVE online in 2013-2014, I was eager to move onto the next big space MMO. I was told repeatedly that Star Citizen was going to be it.
And I've been waiting with baited breath ever since. But nothing has come of it, and while there is 'some' work on the table, it looks like another 2-3 years off at least.
By then I'll be damn too tired to play space games, probably, but beside that - Is this really ALL we have left now to look forward to?

Elite Dangerous (aka Flight Simulator Space Edition) is just not what I'm looking for. It's such a gray, boring, empty sandbox devoid of personality and culture.
We were gonna get Jumpgate Evolution, but that went kaput.. We were gonna get Infinity, now that's been turned into a multiplayer action game.
There was a few interesting ideas floating around, but nothing has come of them.

EVE is dead for me - Our relationship lasted 10 years, a good run if you ask me.
I can't have a date with Elite, it's just not my kind of girl.
That leaves Star Citizen...

But Derek Smart has me sincerely worried about the future of the project.
Even if his predictions turn out to be nothing more than mere ramblings, he's not the only one giving me concerns.
Do I need to create my own damn Indie studio spaceship MMO or something?
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Was Derek Smart right about Star Citizen?

I think most of HLP agreed with Derek Smart right from when he started. There's a huge thread about it on HLP and the majority of us are just pointing and laughing at how bad Star Citizen is by this point.

There is just too much wrong with how Star Citizen is being developed. Either it's going to become a mess or it will be hacked to bits like No Man's Sky was.
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