Alien Isolation

I was playing this last year and stopped about half way through (which I also did as a poor mans Let's Play).
After the initial Oooh ahhh, running and screaming wore off, the game quickly became rinse and repeat tedium.
Then ofcourse there was the NPC players (human characters) that are easily the most irritating aspect of the game.
Forgetting the fact that there is no motivation for these idiots to be filling Ripley with holes all the time, their aim is way too accurate.
And that's coming from someone that spent years playing Quake & Red Faction multiplayer.

Oh yeah I get it, it's supposed to be hardcore stealth. Think Hitman, not Rainbow Six.
But that didn't stop the game becoming an incredibly annoying experience.

So I recently discovered I still have the game installed in a backup drive.
Although I lost my save games folder (which I assumed was stored in the user folder) the game still remembers my progress.
Is it worth finishing it, does the story get any better? Or should I just ditch it and move on?
The Expanse. Watch it!

Re: Alien Isolation

Well, yes, I am half way through the game there abouts. I've had more than a FEW run ins with the black goo monster, but not much recently. I'm guessing I'm about to get slaughtered in the next one.

The Expanse. Watch it!
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