Need something to replace EVE

I'm tired of EVE online. I've played it on and off for 10 years and I think I'm losing interest. I've taken a few breaks before, but this time it seems like nothing much about the game interests me anymore. The logistical side of EVE is the only thing that has kept my accounts active lately, but now that I've decided to pack up my Wormhole towers, I won't need to bother with that anymore either.

I've already sold off my main character (sold for a LOT of ISK) and I'm planning on selling off some assets and unsubbing my alts. I'll keep one account active to check in from time to time.

But the problem is.. Where do I go from here? ELITE looks really dull to be honest, and Star Citizen is a long way off. I need something to play that appeals to me, but I'm not a big gamer TBH. I've only played a handful of games over the past few years - The most noteworthy of which is Fallout and Skyrim. But I usually just watch other people play games on Twitch or Youtube.

So, anyone got some suggestions?
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Re: Need something to replace EVE

Well I don't mind the odd single player game here and there such as Fallout or GTA, but it definitely needs to be a game that can provide an escape from reality and has good multiplayer. I guess I'm really looking for that 'next game' for me. The games I've spent the most time playing in the last decade or so have been Descent series, FreeSpace, Red Faction series & EVE.
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Re: Need something to replace EVE

I don't think I've ever committed significant amounts of time to multi player, so I'm next to useless here. I kind of feel like we're in the calm before the storm for Sci fi and space changes though - they're about to blow up big time again I reckon. It's just a matter of waiting the next twelve to eighteen months for the big boys to get out and playable, and then the bandwagon will stay getting crowded quickly.
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