Strategic on-line 4X space game

I've been developing an on-line 4X space game for about 6 years. Been play testing with a small group for the last few years and it is running smoothly, so I've decided to open it up to a wider group.

The game is heavily strategic. There is no tactical component. The manoeuvre element is the fleet and you need to think like an admiral commanding fleets not as a "multiple ship commander" as you do in many "strategic" games. This seems to be a bit of a hurdle, in that it is hard to find strategic gamers. I know they are out there how do you find them?

Re: Strategic on-line 4X space game

Update :

2 new options now available :
- Design your own ships
- Negotiate treaties with Independent stars (NPCs)

Now 98% working in Chrome, just some issues with canvas.

Tutorial re-done, simplified, got rid of the videos, now text pop-up based. Could use some new blood to test the tutorial...

Graphics marginally improved :
Economic Report :
Building :
Laboratory :
Star Administration :
Treaty Negotiations :

Re: Strategic on-line 4X space game

Seems there is a very low percentage of online gamers who want an in-depth (complex) game these days.
It is very hard to find the ones that do.

About the only way I can think of is to look for them on game forums.

If you have a suggestion of how better to find them, I would really like to hear it. :nod:
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