The War Z

The War Z - is it an MMORPG or shooter?
It's little of both and sort of neither of either ;) The War Z is first and foremost a "sandbox" survival game. We're creating an open world for players to live in, explore and ultimately create their own experience. There are no character levels or unrealistic stats, skills or abilities to learn and new players just joining the game will be on almost the same level playing field as a player that has been playing for a month.
It uses the Guild Wars payment plan.

If you want (mis)information on the mechanics: ... -works-etc

YouTube video of actual gameplay as of 10-29-2012


As interesting as the core concept is, I feel like there are a number of really poor design decisions that are going to cripple this in the long-run.

Is anyone currently playing this or does anyone know someone who is currently playing this? I'm curious if the game has anything going for it, since the video above makes it look boring as Hell.
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Re: The War Z

Okay, I grabbed it.

#1. Guest passes now last for 24 hours, and can be used whenever. I don't know if the timer starts from the time you input the key or the time you create a character, though.
#2. It is, according to the dev. team, in beta. Which is bullshit. This is alpha-stage.
#3. A lot of the core-mechanics aren't finished (or even up for testing), but they're pushing to release along-side DayZ.

I'll post if the game gets better, but right now it's a waste of money.
"Ignorance is the greatest weapon of tyranny, and old wounds open all too easily."
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