Re: 3D-Printed Mini Ship Models!

I switched over to black ABS rather than white for this one, since I had it lying around taking up space. Also, I imagine it would take up more paint trying to hide the white under a layer of black than it would if the ship were black to begin with.

The printer itself can only produce a single colour, but there are sintering printers that can add ink colour to each layer just like an colourjet printer does. However their cost is well into the 5 or 6 digit realm. A bit beyond my means. :p
Twisted Infinities

Re: 3D-Printed Mini Ship Models!

Seriously, it does look like wax. I wonder if it ignites easily. Space battles and flames. ;) Also looks like some kind of artificial food material to make a cake with hard vanilla coating or something (actually white chocolate). It actually looks tasty. Maybe you will make and sell those one-of-a-kind items with your miniature factory.

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