Copyright is the right to copy, Trademark is the Intellectual Propery iirc, so a piece of work can be copyright free, i.e. it can be used by anyone, however, they must not claim that it is their own work or attempt to copyright that work, since it is your own IP.

At least that's as far as I understand it.
Check out my music on my YouTube channel :


see, its copywrighted so that no one can claim it as their own. distribution is something completely seperate.

and just so everyone knows, you're free to post mine (and BH's music, at least i think he doesn't care. if he does he'll prolly edit this post or flame me in the next one :D) anywhere as long as you say who created it. (me or BH)
as for my latest song, its making good progress and is a heavy techno song.

"if you want to get through the door, try opening it!"
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