Eh, when my sister came back for a week a while ago, I got to play the game for a few days. Pretty fun.

My sister claimed I'd be experiencing WoW withdrawls for a while after she left, but such was not the case. Perhaps I have an immunity to mmorpgs :badgrin:

(slight derail) I've been thinking of trying eve. I'm not going to ask what you guys think of it (pretty obvious what the answer will be), but how much does it cost to play consistently?

I've tried Eve... Beta'd it in fact. Recently did a trial from an old email I got. Not my style at all, too boring for me even with good equipment and stuff. Never get bored with WoW, and its 500x faster paced. If you like doing other stuff while you're playing a game, I can see why you'd like Eve, otherwise it's rather pointless to me.

*side rant*- just sold back my semester books for $45. Bought my next semesters books. $340. WTF. :P


I can play on any server I wish, its just that when I play the oceanic servers I don't get 700m/s + lag. =/

Damn blizzard.

WoW makes me appreciate certain things from eve actually, though I do find it more entertaining.

Going up levels is much more faster and fun. Its good that you see an immediate reward to your level and experience when you complete quests or destroy challenging enemy's with experience. Eve is much more slower paced. When I don't get much time to play games, this kind of irritates me because it takes me 4x longer to build up wealth and experience than anyone else. Even if your in a corporation with Eve, you still have to build up the skills to use any items etc.

I might come back to it one day though. You never know. =)
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Strange that you'd be getting such a large ping from US servers. Even when I connect to Oceanic servers the highest ping I'll get is around 300, and that's pretty much on the other side of the world as I'm in Eastern US.

In any case, I just started another character on one of the new servers ( Aegwhyn ). If you'd like to play alliance on there that'd be cool, if not that'd be cool too, I got a bunch of friends playing on it :p

Just a note though, once you hit levels 50+ you have to start investing a bit more time into the game to get anywhere. The instances take longer, especially MC/BWL/ZG, and probably the new content coming in patch 1.9. All of the good equipment comes from instances, or long quest chains that involve running instances, so unless you can dedicate around 3 hours at a time for the smaller instances, you're in a rut. Still, it's definitely better than the time you have to invest in EvE to get anywhere.


Even the oceanic servers are physically located in the US. (bastards) They just changed the time frame.

And because less US players use them we actually get a usable rate.

Damn blizzard and their tight-arse-ness! ><
They could just make some in Aus or NZ and pay for the maintenance. Bloody Fags.

With eve you need to use it frequently enough to update your stats to train. Unless you train something that takes a few weeks or something. Its a pain when you know you lost three days of possible training time. Its stupid that you can't que yet.
Maybe they'll bring out that seemingly mandatory feature in a patch.
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