Which should I buy? (Aka Attack of the sequels)

Ok, I'm just about to go to PC World to pick up the last game I'll be buying for a fair while, wondering whether I should go for Caesar IV, Civ 4 (Not too sure about this one though, bit too much like MoO on land from the shots), Empire Earth III or something more actiony like Quake 4 or Dungeon Siege 2.

I want something with some longevity, and I must admit, I do like city builders, I like a good shoot-up as well sometimes, but they tend to hold my attention for less time.

Any suggestions?

Civ4 has got the best reviews from what I've read, although I've never played the series myself. Apparently it's very good, although that might be in the same way as (old) ChampMan was, i.e. completely incomprehensible to anyone who doesn't immediately get addicted to it.

Um.... EE3 got pretty decent/average reviews, Q4 got the same (is apparently a very old fashioned shooter), DS2 got similarly average/mediocre reviews (apparently it's a bit of a repetitive button basher), and I didn't even think Caesar IV was out (it's not listed on play.com AFAIK).

Yup, you're right, still being developed :/

Civ 4 does have good reviews, I'll probs go for that or DS2, since I was a huge fan of Diablo (though mainly for the movies, I admit).
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Haven't tried it, I've decided to go get the game tomorrow, since I can't be arsed with the Bus atm, so I'll look into it :)
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I like Rise of Nations. Quite skewed towards the Age of Empires style RTS, but with a pinch of proper global strategy to it. Plus you get nukes.

Oh, and if you don't have it already - buy Startopia.. It is - quite simply - brilliant, like some cross between Theme Hospital, and HHGTG. And an absolute barg, too.

Ok, I ended up going to for 'Medieval Lord', a sort of Tudor based City-builder with a slight element of strategy/combat thrown in, these seem to be in season atm. It looks promising from the top, I'll do a review with Shots as usual
The second is Fable : The Lost Chapters, a Microsoft, what looks like, RPG, installing it now, I'll let you know what it's like ;) It's by Lionhead, so I at least expect the graphics to be good ;)

I'm not sure RoN can really be compared to Civ; it's really a small scale RTS rather than the sort of world scale system Civ (IIRC) has, and ultimately you need to batter the s### out of people to win. But it does have some nice additions; a border system that encourages expansion and research, or the removal of stuff like defensive walls (so no/less hedgehogging). Oh, and being able to issue orders when paused.
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