Re: Strategic on-line 4X space game

The episode "Cave Mercatura Furta" has begun.

New game features:

UTS Delivery Service : Send resources to remote stars and territories.
Sector Markets : Resource trade via UTS.
New ship components :
- Engineer Unit : Required to capture transponders.
- Supply Dock : Reduces support by 50% for system ships.
Checklist : Programmable reminders.
Jumpgate Agreement : Required for foreign jumpgate use.
Join Route Option : For new ship builds.
Dragable Map : The map is now dragable!

The new sector market :

Re: Strategic on-line 4X space game

The episode "Mercatus Volgus Ubivis" has begun.

New game features:

Dogfights : Takes place during short range combat by fightercraft
Thrusters, Generators and Ion Cannons : Only usable on Fighters & Interceptors
Civil Markets : Similar to black markets but deal in legal goods
Luxuries : Demand now based solely on each star, rather than realm
Civil Defence Fleets : Replace tribute ship building. CDF's build automatically based on habitat level
Monuments : May now be dedicated to science, fertility, productivity or shipping. This results in bonus output

Re: Strategic on-line 4X space game

The episode "Partes Facere Totam" will begin on September 11th 2020.
If you have never played and wish to join in, please begin the training game now so you can join the above game with some knowledge of the mechanics.

New game features:

New Structures :

Crafter - Crafts components
Power Station - Higher level structures now require power
Slave Market - Provides workers, but increases rebel activity
Training Base - Increases experience of ships at the star

Components : A new asset type :

May be used to reduce costs of building structures, modules and ships.
Should provide a comparative advantage to lords that invest in their research.

Misc :

Tradebases have been removed in favour of the more universal "Sector Markets".
Lords may now enrol officials for extra training at foreign academies.
Shipyards, assemblers and academies may now be dedicated to a single output, reducing time and costs.
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