Welcome to Trials of the Abyss

It is 18 years since the Second Shivan Incursion was halted at Capella. The lessons of the Great War prepared the alliance well for such a catastrophe. Standing united for the common purpose of survival, the Terrans and Vasudans quickly mended their injured state.

With the Knossos technology, the GTVA turned its eyes to distant stars and spread, each new system bringing new discoveries and new opportunities. Desperate to secure themselves from the renewed threat of obliteration, new ships sail with incredible speed.

The Alliance rejoiced as 10 years later, the first GTVA Knossos reopened the path to Earth, and the long estranged families reunited. The Lost Generation found its way home. Within weeks, the Federation of Sol became a full member of the Alliance.

Eight years later, the Alliance is thriving, and the fleet stands ever vigilant, ready for action. You are Echo Deinhart, Advanced Weapons and Sensors specialist aboard the GTCa Aurora. Ever since your parents died in the NTF Rebellion, you have trained to be a fighter pilot. You're ready to face whatever depravities the cold recesses of space can throw at you.

On the eighth Reunion anniversary, you and the entire Aurora Carrier Fighter Group are pulled from your ceremonial positions and given your jump orders.

A pair of Demons has been spotted. The Shivans have returned. But why only two ships? What are they playing at? They herald a new storm. It will be fearsome. It will be devastating. It will test the very essence of humanity and vasudanity, and force the GTVA once again to the razor's edge. Are you ready? Are we ready?

Do we even stand a chance?

These are the Trials of the Abyss.
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I done lost my ship! Y'all seen a honkin' 7km juggernaut around here someplace?

Aahhh s*** in a can.

Now it's either a new name, some backstory hand-waving and associated magic or just saying "bugger all" to it because FreeSpace never once uses the name Eltanin, and we can forget this breach of the fourth wall ever even occurred (more because I'm finding myself curious over how many people would pick up on this discrepancy, and using my campaign as a covert FS community census is strangely appealing to me at this hour. It's probably not a good idea in any case).

To the name sites!

Edit: Updated name.
I done lost my ship! Y'all seen a honkin' 7km juggernaut around here someplace?

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