Hyperspace Timeline

This is a kind of timeline of the Hyperspace universe I had originally envisioned. It incorporates important footnotes in the exploration of space and how they lead to the present space age. Its only a rough draft that was written 2 years ago shortly after the release of Basewars. I never bothered to release it and it has been collecting dust until now. Its main purpose was to provide a backdrop (and act as inspiration) for fan-fiction written exclusively in the Hyperspace universe, such as what Scyphi started working on.

Footnotes before the time of Hyperspace

2063 - War leaves fifty-percent of the population dead, a worldwide effort to rebuild a new Earth begins.
2110 - The Earth Alliance is established, the first worldwide combined space agency and military.
2154 - Alternative energy sources take over traditional fuel methods.
2170 - Construction of human colonies on Mars begins.
2182 - The first deep SOL outpost on Pluto is built.
2190 - Fusion-based engines are replaced with Steinbach Ion drives.
2230 - Completion of the first stable Interstellar drive allows travel between nearby stars within 5-10 years.
2232 - The Mars economy begins to flourish and it's population grows.
2233 - Mysterious lights are reported by the crew of the first interstellar ship as it makes its maiden voyage.
2238 - The interstellar ship, Endeavour, completes its first eight year round-trip to Alpha Centauri.
2245 - Fragments of an unknown device are discovered on Mars, dated at over one hundred thousand years old.
2246 - The interstellar drive is installed on five more refitted craft.
2251 - The spaceship Alexis disappears without a trace on route to Sirius.
2290 - The Earth Alliance now flourishes, with colonies and stations scattered throughout the Solar System.
2300 - The first deep space space stations are built in Alpha Centauri and Wolf 359.
2305 - The first recorded encounter with a Black Hole destroys two deep space transports as it passes near their flight path.
2310 - The spaceship Columbus discovers an alien artifact in the Ross 128 system.
2311 - Science ships are dispatched on a long journey to join the Columbus in Ross 128.
2315 - Study of the ancient artifact in orbit of a planet in Ross 128 begins, believed to hold the key to space travel.
2322 - Mars declares itself an independent planet and breaks away from the Earth Alliance.
2323 - Control of Mars is regained by force, killing thousands in the process.
2325 - The first of many Nova class carriers are launched.
2330 - Deep space probes discover artifacts identical to the one in Ross 128, now believed to be stargates of somekind.

Significant events in the age of Hyperspace travel.

2403 - After a century of hard research and experiments, Hyperspace travel is born.
2410 - After its 300th anniversary, the Earth Alliance announces the plan to populate deep space.
2412 - The Earth Alliance completes construction of the first manmade short-range Hyperspace gates.
2420 - After decades of searching with a fleet of probes numbering in hundreds, countless ancient gates are discovered.
2439 - The Alliance completes its first network of gates, connecting what would become the Alliance Region together.
2441 - Remains of an ancient artifact are found in Luyten, suggesting many more gates may have been fallen to the ages.
2444 - Once again Mars falls into political chaos, resulting in a standoff between Earth and its outer colonies.
2461 - As new routes are discovered through the ancient gate network, new colonies with new names begin to rise.
2513 - After a century of work, the current jump gate network is completed.
2524 - The Eden region is established, the first regional division of stars belonging to a now independent Mars.
2529 - The Genesis and Hope regions are established as a civilian sector, supported by a rapidly growing industry.
2535 - The Earth Alliance, in cooperation with several civilian organisations establish colonies beyond the core cluster.
2536 - Large scale robberies by unknown parties result in huge economic problems for the outer colonies.
2539 - The Sagittaria and Essence regions are born, supported by an Earth Alliance gate network.
2544 - Unidentified pirates attack a civilian convoy in the Genesis region.
2545 - Destruction of a colony at the hands of unknown parties in Utar leaves the Northern Regions in a state of emergency.
2545 - An inhospitable region of space, Geminon, is claimed by pirates.
2550 - The Geminon region is marked as a no-fly zone.
2590 - Every newly discovered ancient gate appears to have been destroyed long ago, raising many questions.
2591 - The Gemini Syndicate is formed, presenting itself as the black market of the galaxy.
2593 - The cosmos becomes restless as many civilian worlds fall victim to crime by the Gemini Syndicate.
2594 - The Alliance Carrier, Jogeir, is destroyed after running secret missions in Gemini space.
2609 - Over 100 new short range in-system gates are finished, connecting destinations together rapidly.
2615 - The first Hyperspace engine is built, enabling large craft to enter Hyperspace without a gate.
2620 - New missions to explore star systems without ancient gates begins.

And in recent times (Hyperspace Standoff, Divided, Apotheosis and Basewars).

2630 - A thousand deep space probes are sent to distant stars, each with jump beacons fitted onboard.
2634 - A Gemini outpost is discovered in Alliance borders, suggesting many more secret outposts may exist.
2639 - The Alliance Intelligence Agency (EIA) collapses, resulting in the exodus of over fifty thousand workers from Earth.
2640 - Civilian research agencies from Saggitaria begin studying unmapped systems using jump-capable ships.
2641 - The Northern Regions becomes home to the immigrants from the EIA.
2647 - Funded by civilian governments, the former EIA workers form the Maltu Orion Legion, dedicated to science and research.
2648 - The murder of the Earth Alliance president is blamed on New Mars.
2648 - The Gemini Syndicate solidify their borders and setup the largest known defense grid around Gemini Prime.
2649 - Many government officials are arrested and detained as accusations of conspiracy are thrown around.
2650 - The Earth Alliance seizes control of installations on Mars and declares martial law throughout the solar system.
2650 - Uproar threatens the core worlds as Alliance ships attack arms-transports in Eden.
2651 - It is discovered too late that the unrest on Earth is the result of a plot to take over the government.
2651 - New Mars and the region of Eden closes its borders as the Alliance falls victim to a brutal dictatorship.
2652 - Plans to over-throw the dictatorship and liberate the controlled Alliance worlds is formed.
2652 - A large movement of Alliance ships is destroyed in combat by those loyal to New Mars. (Hyperspace Standoff)
2653 - Civil war is declared between Alliance worlds.
2653 - The Alliance attempts to gain support for the war effort by creating propaganda.
2653 - Alliance ships loyal to the dictatorship push into the Eden region causing hope to waiver.
2654 - The battle for Eden is won after several fierce engagements, the Alliance withdraws to the borderzone.
2654 - The force loyal to New Mars begin a campaign to liberate worlds in Alliance space.
2655 - The Alliance reveals a new war machine, the Omega class carrier.
2655 - New Mars forces valiantly push deep into Alliance space. (Hyperspace Divided)
2656 - Earth is liberated as the Alliance President is captured and executed by free forces.
2656 - A new administration is established and former Earth Alliance staff are reinstated.
2656 - A renegade Omega carrier loyal to the old administration destroys a station in the Alliance borderzone. (Hyperspace Apotheosis)
2657 - The Omega class carrier, Daewoo, is recaptured.
2657 - With the dictatorship over, the Alliance once again returns to its peaceful roots.
2665 - The Earth Alliance locates the Maltu Orion Legions base of operations and dispatches representatives to open negotiations.
2665 - The Maltu Orion Legion declare the Hope region as protected, and that the Alliance are prohibited from entry.
2670 - The economies of the Northern Region begin to flourish as free trade improves the standard of living.
2671 - The first of the new deep space probe fleet reaches its destination.
2671 - The Genesis region becomes the focus of scientific research for the Earth Alliance and Maltu Orion Legion.
2675 - Deep space surveying is resumed in uncharted star systems beyond Geminon.
2676 - Civilian governments hire Mercenaries to protect the Saggitaria region from pirates.
2677 - The first planet based jump gate is rumoured to have been built by the Maltu Orion Legion.
2678 - Mercenaries steal the blueprints for new ship designs from the Alliance.
2681 - A new age of research commences as several facilities are established in the northern territories.
2683 - Mercenaries take control of the Airelon Depository, transforming it into their headquarters.
2684 - A new nanovirus is unleashed on facilities controlled by the Maltu Orion Legion, threatening economic stability.
2684 - The Earth Alliance sets up mobile outposts in the Genesis Region due to increasing threats from rogue faction pirates and looters. (Basewars)
2686 - The Mercenary Confederation flush out the Legion from Genesis using nanovirus technology of unknown origin.
2688 - The Maltu Orion Legion's economy collapses and goes into recession.
2689 - Alliance outposts in the Rintadi system disappear without a trace.
2689 - The Icarus, a large carrier commanded by the Maltu Orion Legion is overpowered by Mercenary forces and taken.
2690 - The Maltu Orion Legion consolidate their forces around Maltu Prime preventing further losses.
2692 - Due to the collapse of the Legion, many residents of the Genesis and Hope regions flee to the Eden Region.
2695 - Present Day (Hyperspace Silent Fury)

Click here for a revised map of the Hyperspace core-worlds.
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Heck, I've been tempted to get back to that Hyperspace fan fic I started write way back, editing it to include all this new info. :)
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