RELEASE: Dawn of Sol

After a very long time, 'Dawn of Sol', 'End War's' prequel campaign/mod, by Droid803 and the End War team, is finally released.

Cold war simmers in the Sol system. Little do they know that they are on the threshold of revolution. The Dawn of Sol is coming.
Dawn of Sol Main Files - SECTORGAME
Dawn of Sol Main Files - MEDIAFIRE

Dawn of Sol Interface ( OPTIONAL ) - SECTORGAME
Dawn of Sol Interface ( OPTIONAL ) - DROPBOX

Dawn of Sol Glowpointed Ships and Normals ( OPTIONAL ) - SECTORGAME
Dawn of Sol Glowpointed Ships and Normals ( OPTIONAL ) - DROPBOX

Thanks to Hunter for providing Sectorgame download links.



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*** NEEDED MVPS 3.6.10 - MV_Core - MV_Assets - MV_Effects or - MV_Complete *** OPTIONAL MVPS 3.6.10 - MV_AdvEffects + NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT USING ADVEFFECTS, DELETE 3_ADVEFFECTS.VP BUILDS 3.6.10 Final

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================================================ ==================Dawn of Sol=================== =============A prequel of END WAR=============== ================================================ *INFORMATION: - Credits (SEE CREDITS.TXT) - Requirements (SEE REQUIREMENTS.TXT) *MAIN FILES: - 0_DawnOfSol.vp. - Main VP. Contains data for the mod/missions! *ADDITIONAL FILES: - 1_Interface.vp - Resource VP. Contains data for the custom interface. - 2_Cockpit.vp - Resource VP. Contains a single TBL file for enabling cockpits. - 3_AdvEffects.vp - Resource VP. Contains a single TBL that enables use of AdvEffects. - 5_Media.vp - Resource VP. Contains a glowpointed Steve-O's ships and additional normal maps. NOTE, RESOURCE VPs CAN BE DISABLED WITHOUT BREAKING THE CAMPAIGN BY SIMPLY DELETING THEM! *INSTALLATION: 1. Extract the folder and all contents of this archive into your FreeSpace Open folder. 2. Optionally, extract the interface VP to this directory. 3. Select the folder 'DoS' in the launcher 4. Hit 'Apply' and then 'Run' 5. Create a new pilot 6. Select 'Dawn of Sol' in the campaign room. 7. Enter the briefing room and enjoy!

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I have a little too much stuff to be able to properly credit everyone. If I used something of yours that I didn't mention, just remind me and I'll add it to the credits list. Also, many of my resources are from other mods, and searching up the chain of credit would be extremely time consuming, hence, I just put the mod name down. Planet Bitmaps/skyboxes: - Wikipedia - NASA - watsisname - TBP - INFA - DEFCON: FS Interface/HUD: - Flaming_Sword - ShadowGorrath - Earth Defense Demo Ships/Textures: - Steve-O - Inferno R1 - Inferno Alliance - Terran-Vasudan War Project - Over the Top Modeldump - FreeSpace Port - TrashMan - StratComm - Aldo_14 - Ryx - esarai - blowfish - ShadowGorrath - Hamano - Moonred - FSF - Dragon Effects/Weapons: - Steve-O - Earth Defense Demo - INFA - Blue Planet: AoA - ShadowGorrath Sounds: - Inferno R1 - INFA - ShadowGorrath Music: - Blue Planet: AoA - End War - Universe at War: Earth Assault OST Ideas: - ShadowGorrath - Sol: A History Testing: - Dragon - NGTM1R - FSF
NOTE: The information text files in the modpack are slightly outdated now, compared to the ones in this post.[/url]
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Ancient-Shivan War

Wow... A few of these looks like EVE shots,

Nice work! I'll have to get around to playing these, hey look great.
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I downloaded it about a week ago and I will play this demo after I correct the grammar in the Beyond the Mirror addon for Storm Front II.

According to the files in this demo, it is quite large. The number of missions appears to be in the 20s. Maybe that means we will have a nice and massive main campaign. It will feel neat playing this demo with that close up Earth background, especially with my new monitor.

Hopefully the main campaign has been worked on quite a bit or it might take 5 times longer to complete it vs this demo. :razz: However, I remember seeing a thread on the other forum saying that the main campaign has been worked on extensively already, I believe.

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