Intelligence Entry 04 - ASD Ragnarok

>>ASD Ragnarok<<



Basic Information
Class: Modified GTD Hecate
Commanding Officer: Supreme Admiral Varunas Karigaila
Role: Flagship

The ASD Ragnarok is the flagship of the Anti-Solar Forces, and has served in this role since the destruction of the ASD Daegon in Operation 'Black Dawn'. The Ragnarok is a modified Hecate-class destroyer, and acts as the mobile fortress of Varunas Karigaila. The exact extent of the modifications are unknown, but it appears to have had a significant amount of work done to its cooling systems and reactor grid. Its combat capabilities are largely untested, due to the lack of major fleet action between both sides since Operation 'Black Dawn'.

The vessel has been confirmed to be the ex-GTD Olympia, captured by the ASF early in the rebellion while undergoing repairs at Laramis.

Combat Analysis
The combat capabilities of the Ragnarok are largely unknown, and most available combat data date back to Operation 'Black Dawn' or before. Further information is classified level Phi.

Known Armament:
- Multiple Destroyer/Mjolnir-Grade Beam Cannons
- Multiple Flak Batteries
- Multiple Light Anti-fighter Beam Cannons
- Multiple Point-defense Plasma Turrets

Known Compliment:
~150 fightercraft

Length: 2175 m
Speed: Moderate
Armor: Very Heavy
Role: Destroyer, Carrier, Flagship

Countering Strategy

In the event that the ASD Ragnarok is encountered, use discretion when attempting to engage the destroyer. Prioritize in-flight orders and mission objectives before the destruction of this ship.

If engaging this ships is required to ensure success in your mission objectives, prioritize the main beam weapons on the destroyer, or engage as directed by your commanding officer(s).
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