'End War: Dawn of Sol' needs YOU, Tester! +Fanfiction


The 'Dawn of Sol' mod and campaign is mostly complete, however, it still needs tweaking and fixing. And for that, we need you, testers.

Apply here, in this thread.

Experience in testing campaigns and mods is required.

Now, enjoy the fanfiction :)


Introduction (part 2)

Date: December 21st, 04:24
Location: Sol, Earth Orbit

"Alright pilots, I suspect you'd all like to know what exactly is going on here." Commander Brayne spoke to the assembled pilots. "Intelligence has found something interesting. A bunch of miners reported seeing an Orion-type or Halcyon-type destroyer in the Asteroid belt. All records show that nothing larger than a cruiser has entered that area from our side nor the outer colony side for the past eight months."

Brayne began strolling around the holoprojector displaying the area of the Asteroid Belt. "This leaves one possibility - the old GTD Latium."

"But sir, that is impossible!" A pilot blurted out, likely absentmindedly. Stone glanced at who spoke up it was Greene, fresh out of the academy. Stone smiled - Greene would have a fun time, assuming that he didn't get killed on his first sortie.

"Yes, the Latium hasn't been seen since it fled after the destruction of the Lucifer, but that does not exclude the possibility that someone out there has been secretly supplying them." Brayne stopped to clear his throat, the continued, "Intelligence has provided us with a clip from the miner's flight recorder - observe:"


A short video clip of the ship played, along with a few technical specifications. Stone committed them to memory, then waited for the Brayne to continue speaking.

"Be reminded that this information is classified level Phi. Discussion on matters covered here are not to be discussed outside of this briefing hall, and unauthorized disclosure of information may result in detainment or execution." Brayne gave the pilots a serious stare. "Our job is to flush this ship out of the Asteroid Belt and into the open. If we can get them to run to the Outer Colony side, even better. We'll be heading out once we finish resupplying here. If you don't have any questions, go stand by in your craft, pilots."

Stone stood up and headed towards the lift to the flight deck, going over the information provided to him in his head.

Date: December 21st, 04:46
Location: Sol, Asteroid Belt

"Gamma 2, you are cleared for launch".

As the voice spoke over his comm system, stone hit the throttle and hit the afterburners, sending his Lancer out of the hangar of the Righteous.

Stone fired a few Avenger-II shots into an oncoming asteroid, clearing a better path for his squadron. In the distance, partially obscured by small asteroids, he could see the thrust plume of the enemy destroyer.

"Gamma Wing, this is Gamma Lead, we're to head in first and clear the fighter escort for Delta."

"Understood." Stone and the other members of Gamma wing responded to their leader in near unison.

Fighters began launching as Stone and his wing neared the enemy. Stone went over the hostile craft, checking the enemy forces' composition. Mostly Hercules and Ulysses, Great War era craft. They wouldn't be too much of a challenge to their newer craft.

Fire erupted from both sides as they entered range. Stone pulled hard to the left as shower of Avenger bullets from a Herc narrowly missed the frame of his light craft. He swerves around and a cluster of his wingmate's swarm missiles slam into the slow moving Herc, tearing it to shreds.

Pulling behind a Ulysses, Stone kept it in his field of view as the enemy fighter swerved around, engaging its afterburner erratically in an attempt to shake off its pursuer while closing on its mothership. Holding his craft steady, Stone stays on its tail, making sure not to overshoot the enemy craft's trajectory, and opens fire. A shower of Avenger-II bolts rip through the Ulysses shields and hull, sending it spiralling into the hull of the enemy destroyer. Clearly an Orion-class destroyer, Stone though as he swerved to avoid getting hit by a shot from the enemy warship's turrets. Stone pulls his craft away from the hostile destroyer, but not before taking a quick glance at its nameplate. "OHD Insania".

"I need some...SHI-!"

The voice of one Greene shouted over the comm as his fighter took a hit from a heat seeking missile and exploded. Stone gritted his teeth and fired off some shots at the damaged Herc that killed his wingmen while shouting over the comm, "Gamma three is down!"

"Gamma 2 and 4, form up. Delta wing is in range - we'll cover them as they bomb out that Orion."

Stone pulled back to his wing leader and formed up. A stray enemy Ulysses approached their formation Stone broke to engage. The enemy fighter did a quick turn to avoid Stone's opening volley and flew away from the bombers. Taking a quick glance back at his formation, Stone followed the fighter in pursuit. A blue glow appeared to Stone's right, and from it emerged another warship. The empty space to the right of his fighter was suddenly replaced by a wall of metal moving quickly towards him. He hit his afterburner, but it was too late. There was the horrible sound of metal scratching against metal as the sensor array of the newly-arrived warship punched straight through the thin wings of Stone's Lancer. Stone pulled hard to regain control of his crippled craft and gave a shot over the comm.

"The thing clipped me as it jumped in, I'm falling back to the Righteous."

"Roger that Gamma 2, we're almost done here."

The newly arrived warship, unfazed by the collision, proceeded to launch additional fighters. The new fighters immediately flew out and attempted to shoot down the bombs that flew towards the Insania. Out of six torpedoes launched, two hit their target, blasting off a chunk of armor plating as the damaged Orion engaged its subspace drive and escaped.

"Gamma and Delta wings, disengage. You did what you could." The Righteous's communications officer relayed the order to the fighter wings.
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A.K.A. Mongoose, for you HLP denizens

<nitpick>The image is gone, but I think your row of hypens is accomplishing the same thing. Won't someone think of the poor 1280x960 users? :P</nitpick>
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