Intelligence Entry 01 - ASC Garm

>>ASC Garm<<


Basic Information

The ASC Garm is a heavy cruiser class produced and used exclusively by the Anti-Solar Forces (ASF). Constructed at the captured orbital shipyards of Laramis, the ASF has produced a significant number of these warships during the course of their isolation. The Garm represents the strengths of the ASF combined into a single package - designed to supplement and coordinate their extensive defensive grids. With thick armor and heavy firepower, the Garm is a critical factor in the ASF's ability to hold the Laramis jump node.

The Garm is a third-generation redesign of the Fenris/Leviathan hull, based primarily on the ASF's earlier Saber-class Mjolnir-carrier cruisers. The Garm integrates a pair of Mjolnir beam cannons into its hull rather than carrying them on an external coupling like that of its predecessor. This offers the weapon greater protection from surgical strikes. Though it likely introduces the problem of cooling, it has not been observed to hinder the cruiser's fighting capability. Like the Saber-class before it, the Garm is primarily used to supplement the static defenses around the Laramis node.


Combat Analysis

Keeping true to the Fenris/Leviathan design, the Garm uses Fusion Mortars as its secondary weapons to supplement its beam weapons. Its remaining armament consists of point-defense turrets and anti-fighter beams. These systems are the same as the standard systems on GTVA warships, and are likely stolen or copied from captured or defected warships. Its specifications indicate that it is superior to both the Thespius and Megamede classes of GTVA cruisers in a direct engagement.

While it's formidable armament is let down somewhat by its low speed during offensive actions, this is not of concern in it's ideal deployment - supplementing a static defense grid. In this position, the Garm's comparatively weaker anti-fighter defenses are easily covered by allied sentry guns.

Known Armament:
- 2 Mjolnir-grade Beam Cannons
- 3 Fusion Mortar Launchers
- 4 Light Anti-fighter Beam Cannons
- Multiple Point-defense Plasma Turrets

Length: ~470m
Speed: Low
Armor: Heavy
Role: Escort Cruiser, Gun Platform, Blockade Coordination

Countering Strategy

The Garm's primary weaknesses lie in it's low speed and moderate anti-fighter defenses. When alone, two to three wings of heavy assault fighters should be sufficient to incapacitate the cruiser provided it has no escort of its own. Primary targets should be in main beam cannons - after their destruction, allied warships would be able to engage it without trouble.

In a blockade position, Garms are often used to coordinate static defenses, giving them higher accuracy. Priority in this scenario should be given to the disabling of the cruiser's communications subsystems. This will provide a brief window for allied warships to enter the system and clear the static defenses while the Mjolnir's system switches from direct control to automated.
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