Coming Soon - End War: Dawn of Sol

Last year, I was FREDding a campaign set in Sol after the Delta Serpentis node had collapsed, largely inspired by playing Sol: A History and Inferno: Alliance. In that vein, I started out.

Later on, ShadowGorrath announced FreeSpace: End War, and asked me to rework the campaign into its storyline as a prequel. After scrapping every mission except for the first five, I completed a prequel campaign to End War.

Featuring over 20 missions and a wide array of new ships, including Steve-O's fighterpack, an arsenal of new weapons, and the ability to enable cockpit view for every single flyable craft, the campaign and mod are currently under testing and will be released soon.

Until then, here's some fan fiction!

Introduction (part 1)

Date: December 21st, 04:12 2366, 31 years after the destruction of the SD Lucifer
Location: Sol, somewhere near Mars

Lieutenant Stone stood by a window in the observation deck of the Halcyon-class destroyer Righteous, a cup of coffee in hand as usual. He stood staring and the vast expanse of space outside the window, he slowly lifted the cup to his hand and finished drinking what little coffee was left in the cup. There were few people around at this hour. Though there was hardly any day or night when moving around planets, most people preferred to keep some semblance of a normal sleep cycle, and spent the majority of their time off in their rooms or the mess hall, playing cards. The observation deck, by extension, was usually empty.

As Stone turned and began walking towards the coffee dispenser for another cup, the ship's intercom cracked to life.

"All hands, be advised, we will be making the jump back to Earth at momentarily."

Stone nodded to himself in acknowledgment and proceeded to refill his cup of coffee. With the cup once again full, he turned and sat down on one of the many benches that lined the central area of the observation deck, this time facing away from the windows.

All of a sudden, an eerie blue light flooded in from the windows and the expanse of stars beyond the window was replaced by swirling clouds of blue. Stone kept his head down as he sipped his coffee - staring at the swirls of subspace too long gave him headaches. The doctors said it was a reaction that many people have to the subspace interference that was caused by the Lucifer's destruction. Stone didn't particularly mind - Command didn't outfit their fighter craft with subspace drives anyway. Too expensive, they said.

As suddenly as the glow began, it faded again and was replaced by the comforting blackness of space. Stone stood up and walked over to the window, and looked out at the stars, then down at his home planet -Earth. The blue planet occupied more and more of his view as the Righteous tilted to move into formation. He could see the Heavy Corvette Drifter moving into escort position. The angular Darkness-type vessel was little over half the length of the Righteous, and Stone reckoned that viewing from the corvette, the Destroyer would look rather imposing. Resembling an Orion with two launch decks and additional sensor equipment, Halcyons were pretty much top of the line craft, outmatching the outer colony's destroyer classes.

"Hm," Stone murmured quietly to himself while wondering, "what is an Intelligence corvette doing all the way back here?"

He didn't have to wonder long. The intercom spoke again.

"All pilots, please report to your preassigned briefing rooms."

Stone finished his coffee, put the cup on the tray labeled "Used", and walked towards the lifts.
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