ASW Intro video without subtitles?

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even i do not know if there is somebody still active in this forum, but because i had many problems with some people on HLP because of my own source code branch (which i only use myself to prevent confusion within the FreeSpace community... or for total conversations under my responsibility like Colony Wars: Remastered (aborted shortly before the finish of the Gallonigher missions due to Sony :() or StarLancer: The Sol War) back then, i try the "official" ASW forums instead :).

As you may, or may not, know i did a video playthrough of Act I aswell of Act II on Insane difficulty. It was a surprisingly good success compared to other Mod Playthroughs of me. Because i have some programming, mod and fred experience, i decided to work out the Act III Part 1 dump and to use the posted (campaign) concept to finish Act III Part 1. Even i decided not to use the unfinished ships and use some "advanced" versions of the existing ones, unless i find one who want to finish them, because i do not want to invest more time in it... not least my job do not allow me to work on it very often :(.

Next to Act III Part 1 i decided to upgrade the previous Acts as well. So to speak bugfixing and spellchecking, to add some events that were missed, add mission loading screens (ASW3 Intro) and, most important, a complete adjustment to play all three (or two and a half ;)) Acts in Coop.

During the weekend i was asked if i could translate this modification to other languages, especially german, as well.
It would not be a very big deal for myself, because it is a piece of cake to create a translated version of ASW.

There is only one problem, the Intro video of this modification.
The .ogg has built-in subtitles only in english. So i have to ask, is there any high-quality version of it without subtitles? Because then i would be able to create own subtitles for it.
I ask for a high-quality version, because i have to reencode it with built-in subtitles later to maintain fs2_open support, since fso unfortunately currently does not support the extended cutscenes.tbl in which you can set a link to a subtitle file, or to use a different video file on a different language setting.

Looking forward to answers,


Re: ASW Intro video without subtitles?

Well, I'm glad to see that this mod hasn't been entirely forgotten about yet! For the cutscene though, I'm afraid I don't have access to the files right now - they're on my old computer, which I donated to my parents. I probably won't be seeing that box until April, so I hope you can wait until then...
Thanks for the answer :).

Ah it is not the problem, if it takes some time. Because i can only work myself very slow on this modification *g*. I do not think, that i will be finished with all the missions for Act III in April :). And it was planned to translate it only after i have done my initial work. So take your time and i will look forward to it :).

Re: ASW Intro video without subtitles?

Ah, an even faster response. Thank you for the video :).

I can play it without problems. So it should be no big deal to create a version with subtitles in other languages, now :)

Thank you very much for it. This is extremely helpful for translation efforts later.
So the last task for this video is only, to find good quality settings for a re-encode to use it in-game later without the loss of too much quality. :)
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