RELEASE: Ancient-Shivan War II

Well, it's taken way longer than it should have, but here we finally are: Ancient-Shivan War II is out in the open! Featuring a ten-mission and three-cutscene campaign, two brand new ships, new music and artwork, and... 5 multiplayer missions!

So, head over to F2S and DOWNLOAD! Requires ASW1 3.6.14 (no, the 3.6.12 pack won't do), the MediaVPs (the 3.6.12 ones are recommended) and FreeSpace Open 3.6.14 official (or higher).

This is what the relevant fs2_open.log entries should look like:

Code: Select all

Found root pack 'C:\Games\FreeSpace2\ASW2\ASW2_3614.vp' with a checksum of 0x17819e93 Searching root pack 'C:\Games\FreeSpace2\ASW2\ASW2_3614.vp' ... 233 files
------------------------------------ Announcement post ------------------------------------

Final rehearsing is underway...
The public is gathering...
The actors are taking position...
... and the premiere has been announced. See you all back here in a week!
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