Hmm. This has inspired me to start a Buck Rogers total conversion. Who wants in?
You know, when I first saw that old turret I actually thought the exact same thing.

I really like the turret with the textures BTW.

It looks fine. It also kind of looks like a face. It will shoot lasers out of its eyes, and the saucer on top is a brain bucket. :) But it is pretty good.

Turrets are all on now. But I may have overdone it a bit on those multiparts... 5.3k polies for a twin-barrel, 3.3k polies for a single-barrel, resulting in a total detail0 polycount of a whopping 101k. Perhaps it's not a bad idea to remove some of the smaller details...

Anyway, before I start mapping, you can all take a look at it yourself. Download from Mediafire or our own FTP. The archive contains the .blend file and a POF (just so everyone can open it; it won't work in-game). Take a good look at it, and discuss here what you like/dislike. I know that there's still room for improvement ;)

PCS2 protip: In untextured (surface) mode, it won't lag as much.
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ARRGGHH, too many pollies! Can't view properly, it lag modelviewer!

Please reduce the number of polies! They need to come down dramatically!

And lots of duplicate textures I see too.
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