Public development: HTL Akrotiri

Oops, pressed the wrong button for moving... Sorry Starwolf :oops:

Anyhow, a while ago, Esarai sent me his WIP of the HTL Akrotiri, which I am continuing now. Here are the first WIP shots, in chronological order.

Now, concept art would be greatly appreciated, since I'm kinda stuck on this one. And if someone feels like making pretty turrets... Especially those multiparts have me wondering.
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I forgives ya, FSF. For nows at least, I forgives ya. :razz:

I'll just have to repeat what I said in internal before you moved the thread.

HTLization of the Akrotiri is something I've been eager to see happen for a long time, and at long last, it is happening. The Akrotiri in all honesty is my most favourite juggernaut in the whole FS universe. No others seem to really compare (Except maybe the SJ Dante or Shiamak). I admit it wasn't that much of a favourite back in the INFR1 days, and other times after that, but the ASW completely and dramatically changed my opinion.

Seriously can't wait to see this finished.

The original Akrotiri has a "reactor cover" and a "reactor" subsystem; is that actually (going to be) used anywhere? Else, it doesn't really make much sense to have the reactor in such a vulnerable position...

Isometric front view; the proportions are slightly different on the new one.
The lower side, with the bigass-gun-that-gets-disarmed-so-easily.
I'm not quite sure about the connection of the upper two "tentacles" with the main hull...
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Umm, the same holds true for tile mapping. Unde rtile it and you get BLURRR PIXELS up close. Overtile it and you get ugly TrashMan checkerboard ships.

Tilemaps have the advantage that indeed, you can use more texture space than with UVmaps; it's also plain easier to tilemap a ship than it is to UVmap it.

But yeah, for things like that turret, we'll be needing a custom map to make it look good. Well, overall, I intend to map it similar to the HTL Ravana. Mainly tilemapped, but parts with a UVmap. Like Droid said, basically.
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Whichever method works best, go for it. That's what it should really come down to. As long as it helps you finish the model, that's what matters.

And I must say, the recent improvements to the model changes my opinion from awesome to "OMG Amazingly Epic!". Keep it up! Wants to see MOAR!

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