If you still need some Beta testers, I would love to do so. I can work with tables, etc. if needed as well. My semester just ended, so I have inherited some free time until next February.

I'm a native English speaker and a grammar Nazi if you need that as well. I'm also a perfectionist. In fact, I would love to tear your grammar to pieces... :D
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i am a newbie and really fredder I played the first act of this campaign and I really love to be part of your team, I can put together a mission with a lot of things but would be happy to experiment with and learn new cinematic effects and deepen my knowledge the fred, I can also serve for other things, I would love to write descriptions technological if they need


Game Over

I'm from Argentina makes it easy to read English but to write correctly using the google translator =)

this is my mail

[email protected]

Okay, what have you made so far? Could you upload an example of your work?
the wednesday

in the coming days I will prepare something, a mission getting all the knowledge I have learned


I need some days to refresh my knowledge will put me with the freespace wiki and when ready I bring a mission as people
apologize for them to waste time I have to get to experiment with FRED
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