mmm i can fly around in circles testing if you need if not i can "spell check" stuff i can also tidy up music files if you need .... other than that i make a wicked lasagne
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Yes, we are now also hiring beta testers! (andicirk, you still there? :) )

The seven missions of Act 1 are ready and waiting; you'll be among the first to relive the early days of the Ancient-Shivan War, like never before. You'll get full internal access and become part of the dev team, and so on and so forth, you probably know that all.

So apply here!
Ancient-Shivan War | Hard-Light forums | FreeSpaceMods.net

You need more testers, I'll give it a shot. I have done a good bit of beta testing in the past, notably Droid's Tides of Darkness campaign and several TBP related things. Also, I'll completely do spell-checking and fixing for you if you want.
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