But it could be an extremely long time before we see act II. Let's hope not because I like this campaign.

That screenshot looks like high quality cutscene detail, even though it is ingame.

No, the wallpaper is actually rendered. If you look closely, you can see shadows; the game won't do that right now. I also didn't get normal maps to work.

Act 2, that's right, will probably take a while more - we're about halfway through the missions now. But the act 1 re-release for 3.6.12 should take just a couple more weeks, and contains numerous improvements over the old one (this Akrotiri, for example).
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Oh, I didn't see that it said 'wallpaper' above the screenshot. Anyways, I thought you could induce the shadow effect by using custom flags. You can see different recommended flags for lighting in the wiki. But I suppose the shadow effect in this looks better than using flags. I wonder when FSO will have the ability to use shadows at this quality.

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