Don't use the Greek alphabet at all?

I thought you were using Minoan names. And I told ShadowGorrath that using Precolombian names isn't that bad.
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Things we want to know about ASW, eh?

Is it dead? (just kidding)

But really: how far are you on...
  • · Overall backstory?
    · Models and textures?
    · Weapons?
    · Other graphics?
    · Mission design?
    · Other stuff?
Now I mean no offense, but some of the early planet art I saw was unimpressive. Have any more planets been worked on since then?

Oh, and one last thing: what is your take on the 'galaxies where we had no place' stuff from the Ancients cutscenes? Are you planning on dealing with it, or lampshading it somehow?

Not bad.

If this were the Celestial Objects Thread on HLP I'd give more thorough (constructive) criticism. Pretty good, though.
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