1) What role with Sathanas juggernauts play if the Lucy is the most powerful Shivan vessel?
2) Will ASW be linked to any other campaign timelines/continuities (such as Derelict or End War)?
3) Which INFR1 Ancient ships are you using (and not using?)
4) What type of fleet will the Shivans have? An FS1 fleet, a mixed fleet of FS2 ans FS1 ships or...?
5) Will any known planets such as Vasuda or Earth appear?
6) Will any ancestral species such as Terrans or Vasudans appear?
7) The Ancients. How are you balancing them? Shields/Hull/Speed, etc?
8) Will there be normal maps and height maps?
9) Will there be a new HUD and other interface art?
10) Are you giving the Ancients any 'attitude', as in, will they be a calm reserved but expansionist species as a whole, or will their pilots have more individuality?
11) Any character-driven plot development?
12) What sort of music will there be?
13) You will be using species_defs.tbl, right?
14) How will briefings be handled?
15) Will there be any 'unexpected' plot twists?
16) Are you actually an Ancient or will it be told from a different point of view, such as a researcher or data tapes?
17) Is the Shivan fleet in ASW the same Shivan fleet as in FS1, or is it yet-to-be-encountered by the GTVA?
18) Will the campaign reveal any new revelations about the Shivans?
19) Will the campaign reveal any new revelations about the Ancients themselves?
20) Graphics wise, will you be utilizing the new MediaVP graphics?
21) What build should we play on?
22) What sort of new weapons will there be?
23) Will there be any completely new never-before-seen ships?
24) How many missions in the campaign?
25) How developed is the plotline? Is it final, or still evolving?
26) Will there be any cutscenes? If so, in-game or prerendered?
27) How are you organizing the modpack?
28) Are you planning on making any demo releases?
29) How much progress has been made?
30) Are these questions annoying?
31) No, really?

1) Yes
2) Maybe
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) Maybe
6) Maybe
7) Yes
8) Yes
10) Yes
11) Maybe
12) Yes
13) Yes
14) Yes
15) maybe
16) Yes
17) Maybe
18) Maybe
19) Maybe
20) Yes
21) Yes
22) Yes
23) Maybe
24) Yes
25) Yes
26) Maybe
27) Yes
28) Maybe
29) Yes
30) Maybe

And yes, I did answer a few of the questions properly. Look for em.
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1) No
2) Possibly
3) No
4) No
5) Possibly
6) Possibly
7) No
8) No
9) No
10) No
11) Possibly
12) No
13) No
14) No
15) Possibly
16) No
17) Possibly
18) Possibly
19) Possibly
20) No
21) No
22) No
23) Possibly
24) No
25) No
26) Possibly
27) No
28) Possibly
29) No
30) 2+2=5

I don't know, might have answered some correctly by accident, though these are just opposite answers from Droid803.

Now, if you posted only decent questions, which wouldn't kill the mod's ideas, and posted LESS of them, then we might have answered honestly.

Next question?
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