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Hey everyone, just got finished playing through the Ancient-Shivan war mod (which I loved) and I had a question for some of the developers here, since I have seen a few of them around here.

I am looking to obtain the soundtrack used for the mod, because I thought the music was marvelous and I would like to add it to my library.

Problem is, I can't find the music anywhere. Referencing the main website for ASW's music, I have tried looking through Earth Defense's site but found zilch. Tried searching up this "Blackhole" and didnt find anything either.

Is there any way that someone can give me some pointers as to where to find it, or perhaps a direct download link? Any help would be much appriciated, because if I cannot aquire this music out of game, then I will have to rip the songs in-game which is a pain because I don't have stereo mix on my audio input options for audacity (only method I am familiar with ripping music in-game).

Hopefully, this forum isn't dead and someone reads this. Looking forward to a response.

Re: Ancient-Shivan War Music

Sounds like you installed the Ancient-Shivan War mod via the FSO installer, and also assuming that the installer just downloads and copies VP files which are just packages containing mod files, all you really need is a VP viewer to get that music. So if your on windows you need to get a VP viewer from

VP explained -
QuickVP is what I used -

and I downloaded it from here - ... hp?view.77

Once you've got QuickVP simply extract and run the application, click open and browse to where the Ancient-Shivan War mod files are, select ASW1.vp and click open, in the interface you can click through data to get the music folder... from there you can extract the files.

If your on another OS try one of the other VP viewers.


Try the Hard Light Productions Forums - Goes by the username BlackHole I believe.

His got heaps more music at SoundCloud too -

Re: Ancient-Shivan War Music

Thanks Xelion for the help with the VP files, that did the trick and I got access to the whole soundtrack. I am in the process of converting the files to .mp3 from .ogg, and I will probably post a download link for those that are interested when I am finished.

In the meantime, if there is somewhere I could put a more permanent upload of the soundtrack, also let me know. I am not very tech-savvy so I probably will mess it up if I try to figure it out on my own.

Thanks again!
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