Blimey, a new sector! I wonder what it is for...
Finally a place to post all of my online-preparation quirks!

Unless of course, this isn't what I think it is...., seeing how it is under the Active Projects section....

Wow, I wonder why Hunter hasn't deleted this yet....
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FS Online is a port to another game, I think. I remember mattivanhanen from a thread in HLP. :)

This is a copy-cat crime of the same vein from the ETF forum. Go check the archives.

Greetings and welcome to the project FSO presence on this board.

FreeSpace Online is a two-way port project for the Starshatter: The Gathering Storm platform. It contains two modes of play:

1. A browser-based economy gameplay.

2. A single-player campaign in the FreeSpace Online world.

These both combine into a neat form of entertainment with a lots of immersion. To play, you however need the retail Starshatter: The Gathering Storm first.

I'll publish the 0.63 of the total conversion today. The first three single-player sorties do not include all the ship models (to encourage possible future modders of my MOD to play my campaign through first :badgrin: ).

Anyway, later on this evening.

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