Hud_gauges.tbl Issues

Because I can't post this thread on HLP and GW lacks a proper board devoted to code-related discussions, I thought it was the case of posting this here.

I've been playing around with hud_gauges.tbl in the past week and noticed a few things the coders may wish to take a look at. Oh, by the way, I used 3.6.10 official, INF.

Apparent bugs:

1) The first custom gauge of the table behaves strangely during the game: its color, in fact, will continuously change depending on the player's target (friendly ---> green, hostile ---> red, etc. etc.). Addutionally, the first gauge is the only one to fade out when the player is not supposed to see the HUD on the screen (like in death and jump sequences) - the others behave pretty much like permanent image subtitles.

2) Changing the HUD's color during the game (F2 ---> HUD Config.) automatically resets all modifications made to gauges until that point of the mission.

3) Default x/y coordinates in the "Custom Gauges" section don't seem to work. Default coordinates can be set properly only in "Gauges" and other related sections of the table.

4) Most options don't seem to work, either - "Size", "Percentage", "Color" and other settings seem to be completely inactive. Furthermore, "Percentage" requires raw values with no reference to directions.

Possible improvements:

1) Possibility of setting the size of texts/numbers written using set-hud-text and set-hud-text-num.

2) Possibility of changing the color of custom gauges via options during the game without causing any written texts or numbers to be removed from the HUD.

3) Full compatibility of custom gauges with flash-hud-gauge. Currently, FRED complains if the SEXP is used to flash custom gauges and the effectiveness of the "hacked" SEXP in-game is not well defined.
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