That article is a good read - I've always found the whole concept and implementation of parallel processing fascinating. :D
I was aware of the existing parallel processing in video (and audio) rendering from reading all about SLI/crossfire techniques, where the GPU input from the CPU basically consists of "stuff to draw next", and multiple GPUs can take alternate sets of instructions, but I wasn't aware of those finer programming related points. Stuff about deadlock avoidance, bottlenecks and resources etc. Things to look into anyway. :)
We didn't do much in terms of hardware at uni (and it was all MIPS RISC architecture based), but IMO the strategies used in pipelines to detect, avoid or correct deadlocking are some of the most interesting bits in the subject.
I'm learning C in uni this semester, so hopefully that'll sort at least a bit of it out. I'm doing a mechatronic engineering course at uni, so I expect I'll need to know this stuff to build the robotic legions of do-....granny helper devices I have planned.
Are you familiar with Brooks subsumption architecture (AI for robots), by any chance? I always found that fascinating.

Not heard of that term (the AI related subjects are in the fourth or fifth year - I'm in the second. :( ), but having looked it up I'm roughly familier with the concept, yeah - tis awesome. I've tried implementing very primitive versions of it in garrys mod via the wire mod - building AI fighters that sought out and attacked bots and players.

At the highest layer the fighter would pick targets in a targetter chip (chips are like little processer units where you have inputs, LUA processer scripts and outputs). It would pass the target location to a navigator chip which figured out which direction to go, and then passed that info on to a pilot chip which figured out how to fly the 'plane' (prop with thrusters) to do that.

It had tons of odd bugs, but the golden moment was when it decided to run my friend over rather than strafe him as usual. I was so proud. :D

There's a good article about that talks about how that type of system was implemented in the Halo games AI systems if you're interested: http://aigamedev.com/reviews/halo-ai
(Though to be honest I have no idea where I got that link from. Might even have been these boards. ;) )

Edit: Arggh, now you've got me thinking about it, I can't stop.

*goes to build new robots in gmod*
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If you are enjoying this conversation don't let me stop you, I'm just here to say that the problem has been solved by Topgun and his handy fix.

Topgun gets the cookie today people. You should have tried harder. Thanks though.

*Gives cookie to Topgun*


Offhand, have you tried this with the FSOpen executable set to single-processor affinity?
Might be no use atall, I have no idea how the game handles multi-threading on 2+ core systems. But I think it's possible you could get funny effects from having threads on different processors due to the timing differences.
How did you know I have more than one/two cores!?
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For the record, I've also had this issue and I fixed it by changing the graphics settings, if i recall it was by changing it to Direct 3D from OpenGL, could be the newer cards dont like it very well

For the record, I've also had this issue and I fixed it by changing the graphics settings, if i recall it was by changing it to Direct 3D from OpenGL, could be the newer cards dont like it very well
I think Direct3D was (last I heard) largely dropped, as most programmers were familiar with OpenGL (which also has the advantage of portability). So there's possibly legacy D3D issues.

I am using the newest build now, that problem was ages ago, just thought I'd mention in incase someone had the issue again, prob old news lol

Direct3D's actually been completely disabled in the 3.6.10 branch, since there's no one active on the team really qualified to fix its myriad bugs and update it. Even if you select it in the Launcher, the game still defaults to OpenGL.
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