feuture requests: orders and commands advanced

it would be nice for when you fly a bomber. after all, it only atcks your target. and because bombs are aspect lock, it doesent defend you while bombing. so maybe you would have the "D" key mapped to turret commands...so it would be like this:

turret commands:
all turrets
-attack targeted ship
-defend me
-defend target
-sync to guns

turret 1,2,ect.
-attack target
-defend me
-defend target
-sync to gun

and then ordering atcual ships. its a real pain cycling through targets to find the one you want AI to defend/destroy/ignore, so maybe the following orders could be added to wings, all fighters, and ship specific

-defend all friendlies
-ignore all hostiles (could be used in conjunction with form on my wing)
-only recognize escorts (all friendlies on the escort list would be defended, all hostiles would be attaked)
-defend your wing (wing leaders under AI protect their wingmates, and wingmates defend their leader, and wingmates defend eachother. invalid for ship specific.)

next the cheat for communicating for hostiles, it doesent work and i cant order around shivans.

singed-the kinda-great NTF leader

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