I need a good selection of beauty-screenshots of the SCP in action. Hm, just whatever you have that you think is nice... Ah, without the cockpit view where possible :)
The Expanse. Watch it!

From my own campaign, Forgotten Legacies:
The Boreas goes down in flames (actually here I killed it to get the explosions using ~K :P).
Racing to save a convoy from Shivan bombers (gah, teal burners)

Mm not bad, gonna need more though :) Looking for those with the most ramped up graphics possible.. :) Will probably have to do it myself I guess :P
The Expanse. Watch it!

Amateur shots ;) Don't worry hunter, when I wake up i'll get you some beauts!

How do you upload them anyway? I keep trying the 'upload picture' but that doesnt work, and I only really want to use something like photobucket as a last resort, but i suppose that i would use it if need be.

And how do you get a screenshot with absolutely no trace of targeting systems?
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