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Hi there,

I'd ask in the dedicated Hard Light forums but it won't send me a confirmation email for some reason... I've searched their forums and this but can't find anything relevant.

I started out with 3.6.7 and am now using 3.6.9 RC7 but regardless of what options and configuration (even Default FS) I get massive slowdowns (10-12FPS) whenever I enter a nebula with lightning storms.

Missions in nebuals without lightning storms run smooth as silk. Is there a command line to disable this lightning feature/effect? (I apologize for asking if this has been answered a million times before)

A few quick questions.

Are you running in D3D or OpenGL? Because none of our coders have touched the D3D code in any serious way for over a year. Go to the video tab of the launcher and verify you're using OpenGL.

Have you installed all the Zeta media VPs and the 710 patches for them or are you still using the VPs that came with 3.6.7?

Have you tried removing mv_adveffects.vp and the corresponding 710 patch?

What happens if you go to the launcher's mod tab and click no mod (Presuming you set up correctly with the media VPs in their own folder this turns off the media VPs and allows you to play with only the retail data)?
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Thanks for the quick reply and suggestions.

I'm running D3D as OGL gives me square blocks around missles and points of impact on ships and various other anomalies. I'm using some (rather old now) Omega 3.8.221 drivers and haven’t updated because they work really well with Enemy Territory and Alice (both Q3 engine OGL games).

I installed vanilla FS2 then the 1.2 patch, then Official Release 3.6.7 with mv_ core, models, textures, effects (no mv_music or adveffects).

I then installed (unzipped and overwrote existing files – not ‘clean’) 3.6.9RC7 and mp-710-effects and models (no adveffects) from this thread: ... 891.0.html

I’m not sure what the ‘Zeta media MP’ files are.

I tried the ‘No Mod’ version which seems to work fine. Thanks for the suggestion. I was using ‘Easy Setup Default FS2 All features off setting.

OpenGL seems to be working with ‘All High Memory Options Off’. I’m not noticing any artifacts or weirdness either on this map. If I run into problems I’ll just update my drivers to the current ATI level.

One thing I noticed is that the MVE’s (the whole reason I went to 3.6.9 as I couldn’t find the converted AVI’s) now run slow with stuttering sound, but I can live with that.

I’d consider this problem resolved, thanks a bunch, and thanks for all your hard work updating this game.

I’m going to try and get my two Mac OSX zealot friends to install this and give it a whirl….

The case of beer or the VP Pack? ;)
Well, testing both (bought a case and a half just to be on the safe side), the beer is working as advertised.

I deleted my mediavps directory and installed the mv_zpack then patched with mp-710. (I included music this time but no adveffects). Everything is working smooth as silk. I've just played Monster in the Mist, Speaking in Tongues, A Flaming Sword, Bearbaiting and High Noon. That should be a good enough indicator that everything is A-OK.

I'm running OpenGL, on High settings with All High memory options on, 1024-32bit no AA.

Movies are still stuttering but I'll deal with that later. Again, thanks for your help and many thanks for the hard work you've put into updating this great game....

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Good to see another loyal freespace2 fan :D :)
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Who am I? Take 3 guesses, and the first 2 don`t count.

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