Regarding screenshots...

I remember the Shift-O turns off the HUD and that ALT-Pause does the freeze-frame thingy, but I can't remember if there was a way of picking a new 'focus' for your camera, so you could skip from ship to ship?

I've been playing so much Eve lately, I can't remember if that was a feature of the SCP as well ;)

Can anyone help me out here?

When in alt-pause you press Enter (on the keypad) to switch between 1st and 3rd person views. I currently changed it so that "/" on the keypad will switch to another ships view (you have to have a target already though) and "*" on the keypad will switch between all targets (like "t" does). Would you want that in CVS?

Right now it doesn't reset after you get out of pause. So whatever ship you are viewing from, what whatever angle, is preserved even after you unpause. I haven't decided whether to fix this or leave it as is. It is a pretty nice effect though and I had some fun with taking screenshots previously.

There are a couple of strange things that I couldn't get to work right in pause mode and I'd like to get those fixed as well. This was some lighting stuff and also shield effects seem to dissappear when you pause. I'm not in any hurry to fix this stuff though.

Ok, thanks for the help guys :) I've actually finally re-installed FS2 SCP after ages of meaning to, but not getting round to it. Still stumbling my way through the new table file setup etc, so I've got a lot of catching up to do, but at least I can take some screen caps while I'm at it ;)
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Code changes are now in CVS. It will also now properly reset both view and hud state when exiting pause mode (this didn't happen previously anyway).

Just to recap, when in viewer pause mode (ALT-PAUSE):

TAB: toggle hud on/off
ENTER: external view
/ (on keypad): view from target
* (on keypad): change current target

Exiting pause mode will reset the view and the hud state to what it was before you entered pause mode. If anyone just *really* wants to not have the view automatically reset then let me know and I'll add a toggle for that too, but it will default to reset.

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